Atromitos – AEK 1-1

A good result, considering we had to play more than a half of the game with ten players. We did win a point in the second half, but it could have been three.
Atromitos was stronger the first half. We let them come too much. Not that there where a lot of chances, but Atromitos had too much possession, so that we never got to play our own game. Blanco very lonely up front, but looking sharp. Jimenez responded by bringing Burns for Guerreiro in the 30th minute, trying to bring more strenght in our offense. Didn’t work. Then Papa Bouba Diop got his second yellow in the 39th minute. Quiet a stupid one too: foul on the midfield, no players of Atromitos in any position to score. It was a deserved yellow however (his first one was not in my opinion). As a reaction Scocco was taken out and replaced by Gentzoglou.
The second half was more of the same for a long time. Atromitos trying to put the pressure on but never really succeeded. Looked like the game would end 0-0, until Blanco made a brilliant rush and put us in front with only minutes to play. So all we had to do was to play a tight defense for something like five minutes. We didn’t. A cross from the left side was missed by three of our defenders before a Atromitos player scored from close by. Nothing Saja could do about it.


4 Responses to “Atromitos – AEK 1-1”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    I agree, credit to the guys for playing with 10 guys since the 40′. But were the cards really necessary? The guy commited two fouls and got two cards, give me a break. Obviously the ref was looking at a way to finish us. The radio commentators were saying it was uncalled for, if it was a greek player he would have protested, the fans would have caused a riot. Diop simply got up, and walked away. In the mean time Olympiakos was awarded another penalty, this time they were succesful and won the game. Otherwise, they were quite pathetic, just like PAO was.
    Something has to be done with the reffing, it is quite obvious they are pushing the greens and the reds.

  2. I guess the main positive to take from the game is Blanco’s goal and his form lately. Still, can’t believe we dropped points to another team we should have won considering our form recently against bigger opposition. Atromitos are rarely a pushover, however its starting to look as if there are no pushoevers anymore in the league, all games are must wins, and we can’t slack off against any opposition any more!

    Terrible to see another goal let in by poor marking, as with the header we conceeded from Panionios.

    Can’t believe another penalty awarded to Oly. Too bad they actually scored one, and too bad Panserraikos weren’t awarded theirs yesterday.

  3. we are getting to many red cards for stupid tackles that are unnecessary

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    The thing that i am wondering is how many of those cards are legit? Its getting to the point where our guys are afraid to strecth their legs in fear of being awarded a card.
    This is the latest here in Greeceομολογια-μαζαρακου-για-μαμου-πεναλτι.htm This was news yesterday and all the rage, gone today which is typical of things here in Greece. This ref awarded a penalty to Olympiako back in 2008, the year that we were the true champs. He admitted that it was a phoney penalty, he gave it cause he is a gavro supporter. The penalty was at the 78 minute mark and resulted in Olympiako beating Aris 1 – 0. You are supposed to inform the ref association if you are a supporter of a specific team. As they say here, this guy is a “painted” Oly fan, he even reads gavro papers. There is a good chance that that particular game would have resulted in a tie, which means that even having lost the court case, the season would have ended a tie, but we would have been declared champs cause of the 4-0 game we had against them that year. We would have gone to the CL, we would have received the mils that CL provides and Demis probably would have still been with us and not in this financial mess that we are now.
    It makes one wonder how many such penalties are awarded each year in this fashion to this team?
    I dont understand why the rest of the Greek teams unite and do something about this? Why should AEK spend a mil a year on a coach, a mil to Scocco, and so on, if the season champ has already been chosen? Why should i spend a thousand euros in season tickets knowing my team will terminate third?

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