Hajduk Split v AEK ……preview

AEK has left Athens bound for Croatia to take in Hajduk Split in the 5th match of the Europa Cup Group Stage.The team should be on a ‘high’ after that tremendous victory over our rivals on Saturday night.Nothing less than a draw is needed heading into the last game against Zenit.
Jimenez has announced a 20 man sqaud to choose from:-Saja,Arambatzis,Nasuti,Manolas,Jahic,Leonardo,Dadomo,
Makos,Karabelas,Argyriou,Blanco,Lagos,Papa Boupa,Burns,Georgeas,Scocco,Liberopoulos,Dellas,Gentzoglou,and youngster Froxilias.
Kafes and Djebbour did not make the trip due to injury.
AEK has decided not too accept any tickets for the ‘away’ section,fearing trouble after the drama caused by the Hajduk fans at the OAKA during AEK’S 3-1 victory in game.This should not affect the team as we have ‘been there and done that’ before,Oly last year and Aris this year spring to mind.
The game kicks off at 8 pm on Wednesday night.


2 Responses to “Hajduk Split v AEK ……preview”

  1. I feel kind of good about this game. I read someone say Hajduk have been playing pretty poorly lately, not too sure how true that is. Having said that, I see no reason why we can’t get At least a point though to be honest, I can see us getting three points if everyone shows up to play good foody. Still I know it’s never easy to play in split.

    I’m interested to see who Manolo will go with, I don’t think it’s a very straightfoward choice this time around.

  2. xstratosx Says:

    man! what a muddy game. good win!! Manolas’ header was the best goal. good for him!!

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