AEK 1 Olympiakos 0

How sweet it feels once again.An Ismael Blanco tap in from 2 yds out in stoppage time after brilliant lead up work by Papa Boupa Diop,both late substitutes,was enough for the Enosi to earn maximum points at the Oaka on Saturday night.
Jimenez,who is now 2 from 2 in the major derbies,chose to again change the lineup,and for the first 45 minutes,it was mainly AEK applying most of the pressure.
We started with Arambatzis in goals,Jahic at right back,Karabelas at left back(making his first start under Jimenez in the league).Dellas and Manolas were our “Rocks” at the back.
Makos and Gentzoglou were the holding midfielders,Burns wide right,Scocco wide left and Leonardo tucked in behind a returning Liberopoulos up front.
The first half was scrappy,alot of errors on both sides,but it was AEK,creating the chances.Burns was ruled offside when we scored early on,correctly so and Gentzoglou missed a golden chance to open the scoring.The visitors were sitting back,hoping for counter attacks.
2nd half was fairly even,we did drop our intesity atstages and an alert Arambatzis was on hand to deny them on a couple of occasions.Oly got a penalty when Leonardo,who really should have been subbed at half time,he had a bad game,pulled the shirt of his opponent in the box.Dudu hit the crossbar with his effort and we were still alive.Jimenez then introduced Blanco for Burns and he had some impact,holding the ball up well when we needed it.Papa came on and settled things down in the middle,also his tackling is fearless,something i love.
As the game was fading away looking more and more like nil nil,we pressured in their final third and won a couple of corners.One of them fell to Gentzoglou on the edge of the box whose touch took him inside the box where he was clearly fouled.No penalty,play on said the ref,and this time to our advantage.Papa picked up the ball,took on a couple of defenders down the left with a strong run,cut the ball back to a waiting Blanco who couldn’t believe his luck and could not miss.
The 4th official had put a the time remaining sign with 4 minutes on it.Taking Blanco’s goal which adds 30 seconds,is it any winder that there was 7 minutes played,hoping they could give the Gavroi enough time to equalise.But it wasn’t to be,AEK had too much spirit tonight and we can never be beat when we play with that passion.Man of the Match was Makos who was outstanding and probably our most consistent so far this year.He’s definately improved 200 % on last year.All in all everyone played ok,apart from Leonardo,who i have nothing against,just had a really bad day.
Past fan favourite and AEK great Thomas Mavros,was honored in front of the 40,000 faithfull before the game.Great to see him looking good,could almost probably still weave his magic,


10 Responses to “AEK 1 Olympiakos 0”

  1. How sweet indeeed !!! I did not think we had a hope..seeing the current form of both sides. Man that is the best way to win…a goal in stoppage time !! How Sweet !!!!

  2. Great result! Really needed something like this. Saw a lot of reruns of the Oly penalty: I don’t think it was one. Feels like last season: a traditional penalty against us almost every match…makes you wonder who is paying the referees 😉

  3. Although at times the game pace slowed down and we forgot what attacking was,to get a win like that in the dying minutes is just nothing short of sweet!!!! For once in all these years we can laugh and smile that we scored a winning goal in the dying minutes,now Oly fans can see how it feels to lose a derby in the dying minutes like the many times we have in the past….Have heard Oly fans complain about the flare on the field where Diop was running towards but to me it nothing short of a losers excuse…

    Im proud of our boys,sadly Scocco and Leonardo were disappointing but Makos and Manolas were outstanding for me and credit must go to Arabatzidis for his save early on in the game and in the 2nd half…We lacked upfront with no pace but bringing Blanco on and dropping Lybe behind him was a good decision by Manolo.Diop did good and showed nothing but heart with everything he did and that run he made to create the goals for Blanco was fantastic.Good win great result now lets back it up with a good result in Croatia!!!!!

  4. aekbaltimore Says:

    great stuff; great review AEKman!

  5. Thanks for the review AEKman!

    Arabatzis, Dellas, Manolas, and Makos were just outstanding, key players for today, especially when it came to being alert on oly’s counter attacks. As for Makos, the guy was on fire!

    Great substitutions by Jimenez, knew what he was doing. And I think this is the first time we’ve beaten PAO and Oly in the same season, since around 1977? Could be way off, someone correct me if you know.

    Wasn’t too impressed with our overall play at times but we had that extra passion we needed to give us the edge and it was enough. Sloppy football at times from both sides, and Oly missed a few great chances, but to say we didn’t would be a straight up lie.

    Also, the linesmen were terrible for both us and them.


  6. Embros Aete, dikefale…

    Unfortunately i missed the game but did have a great stream to watch it on. It was especially sweet for me since that morning i went to Agia Sophia and took pictures with my AEK scarves 🙂 Very touching for me to be walking on the streets, alleys and neighborhoods of our grand parents. I didnt have time to visit the islands of my ancestors but i will next time. It was still impressive hanging out in the Galata area, walking around the Pera neighborhood with its present bohemian music scene, seeing traces of greek past.

    Then that same night i read on the site that a fan wrote a letter to the team that Jimenes read (i assume the translator) to the players before the game. The letter was from a young fan telling the players that he doesnt care where we are on the standings but they have to play for the jersey, they have to play for our grandparents, the refugees. They have to understand that they are not wearing just any jersey, they are wearing an AEK jersey, the best team in all of Greece. Something along those lines, my greek aint perfect.

    Anyways, i want to thank AEK for the win a sweet win since i find my self in Konstantinoupoli and for an early birthday gift. The win came on the eve of my birthday.

    Btw, the following night the Kostantinoupoli derby took place, the local eagle won, in other words Besiktas beat Galatasaray 2-1. I also saw a fellow walking in the Taksim area wearing an AEK t-shirt, the ones that we get in the Ora ton Sport newspapers, Alex has a couple.

    On a final note, i was listening a bit of some greek online radio, and reading some of the stuff online, the gavroi havent stopped whining, two days later and they are still going at it. They are very upset at the flare that was thrown on the pitch, the one that Dudu went around while the unprepared, overweight Diop run right through it. They are forgetting that Sorentino never had a chance to warm up during one of our games there, that Jorvas was shot at with a BB gun. They are complaining about our hospitality, they forgot about the PAOK trainer that got beat up during a cup game two years ago. They are complaining about our presidents sarcastic comments that were aimed towards Marinakis, regarding the ref that he committed a crime against all of Greece, regarding keeping the game going so Oly can tie it. The ref once again did try to help Oly with that penalty. There was hardly any contact there, but there is a football god after all. Thats three penalties that Oly has missed so far this season.

    Anyways, gipedo sta nea filadelphia!!

  7. I can’t believe those fans, especially after all that stuff we’ve seen with them in the past at Karaiskaki and Rizoupoli…. oh well, I can imagine losing like that in the 90th would hurt 😉

    You never told me about the guy wearing the AEK shirt, pretty cool!

  8. They wrote the book on bullshit PR

  9. What about liverpool the beachball incidient, the goal still counted, the ref didnt stop the game to take it out. These gavroi are seriously retarded human beings, they do 10x worse stuff.

  10. Love this win, but it makes those bad losses soooo frustrating. Hopefully this bodes well for the future.

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