Scocco until 2013!!!

That’s right, Scocco is ours until 2013 as of today, effectively putting an end to any transfers to either PAO or Oly! His contract was by no means cheap, the most expensive ever for an AEK player from what I heard, but it’s worth it in my opinion. Hopefully, his nice comfy contract now however gets some solid performances from him, and some consistency!
Yet another step in the right direction by Adamidis and co.


6 Responses to “Scocco until 2013!!!”

  1. Finally some great news.We had to sign him,at all costs for a few reasons.1.He’s our best player,we need him,end of story.2.If he signed elsewhere in January we would have got nothing for him.Now if an offer comes in,Adamidis holds the Aces.3.He could never be allowed to sign for our rivals.4.Blanco might now stay.5.Perfect timing before the game against the Gavroi on Sat night,Nacho might have a point to prove!

  2. Yeeeah, perfect timing! Come on Nacho, work your magic against these guys yet again!

  3. Great news for the club now I hope he steps up and shows us what we know he can do starting this week against those malakies (sorry) who I believe we can beat.We desperately need the points if we want to climb the ladder especially since Oly won the “second half” catch up game during the week which is what I think is a load of bullshit but expect nothing less from Greek football…

    Lastly Adamidis is doing a good job for now from what we see and I think this guy can actually help AEK alot,hes found us a great coach and worked hard to get him,changed the club around and hopefully someday,somehow,in some way he manages to have a stadium built once again for AEK.In the meantime I hope he or Manolo brings some fresh faces in during the new year as it would help the team in many ways and im sure Manolo has a few in mind already so things can only get better,lets hope.

  4. I cant believe I wont be there Saturday night to scream out NACHO SCOCCO OE OE OE, aagghhh, what timing!!

    Now that the derbys are almost done, can we move to Rizoupolis pls.

  5. one thing manolo needs to do is buy new defenders in december. Our defense is shit

  6. …and sign Blanco, oe oe oe

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