Kavala 2-1 AEK

Exactly the kind of result I was expecting. Disappointing to say the least, almost repulsive at times. Our team showed very little will to win, no hunger for any from of result. It is clear that everyone out their needs to wake up, and soon. We have a great coach leading us but with the way things are not even Mourinho could get much out of these guys if they don’t put in the effort required.

With the way things are in the superleague now, there are no easy matches. Ten years ago, five years ago, maybe even two or three years ago, the vast majority of the teams below fourth place would be considered pushovers for AEK. Things are no longer this way. Larissa, Kavala, Tripolis, Iraklis, these are all teams able to knock off points from the big three on a regular basis and unless a team shows up to play football they will not succeed in the 1st division. Unfortunately, it seems our players haven’t realized that 100 percent effort is required 100 percent of the time!

Our defense today will not cut it, not in Greece, and not even in the Uzbekistan 2nd division. If you see some of the goals being scored lately in the league it becomes clear that there are some talented attacking players out there right now, both Greek and from abroad, and if you give them any space you will be punished for it. Our defense needed to be alot tighter today and much less sloppy, generally and with both the goals we let in.

Up front, we really lacked creativity. Scocco didn’t come in until the second half, and Djebbour wasn’t with the team due to injury, and without either of them we were dull. Leonardo tried at times but just wasn’t working, and Burns could have done better. We did miss a few easy chances in front of goal but those chances were quite rare throughout the game.

To be honest, there wasn’t really a time when either team had full control of the match. My stream did cut out at times, and I missed about 10 minutes in the second half, but if AEK had showed up to play some football they could have come out with a more positive result. Having said that, they have a great chance to turn things around next week when we take on Olympiakos at home. Surely the championship hopes for us are passed, but we can still turn our season around and leave our mark on the league. We had perfect opportunities to do so earlier in the season but we blew them, lets make sure we don’t do the same this time!

As always, please leave your feedback. If anyone has specific opinions on players I would love to hear them since after spending half the time switching between streams trying to find one that works, you lose track of such things.


8 Responses to “Kavala 2-1 AEK”

  1. Greetings from Constantinople. I was traveling while the game was going on and just now i am reading the game reviews. Sad, sad, disappointing reviews. Just horrible, from one site to the next.

  2. We have massive defensive problems at right fullback.Patsatsoglou was taken to the cleaners every time.He’s way way past his prime,whicg means not good enough for us.

  3. hopefully blanco wont play against olympiakos. The reason we lost in my opinion is because jimenez underestimated kavala and didn’t start scocco

  4. In my opinion he should have tried Blanco and Lybe upfront, just like the good old days. Thats what the local papers were saying.

  5. Patsa will not play this season anymore! Luckily, he has been terrible!! I will travel 2000 kilometers to see the game against gayros so i hope we will rape them!!!!

  6. If I say my real thoughts you may ban me from the website haha 🙂

    Disappointing isnt the word,even though my family is from Kavala and I kinda dont mind losing to them its still not good enough,after so much hope and promise its all starting to fade away slowly and its just sad!!!!!!

    I hope we salvage pride in the derby next week so I can atleast have that over the Oly fans..

  7. I have been debating about returning back this weekend to see the game but i have to work unfortunately. Lets salvage something with this game. Jimenez wanted 7 points during those three games. Lets get 3, PLS!!

  8. They have to get the 3 points, at least for the us fans!!

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