So, not sure if you saw the result of the Ira-PAO match today, but Ira were up 2-0 early in the first only to end up blowing it and losing 2-4.

What does this mean? The pressure really is on now for us to take home all three points and nothing less from our trip to Kavala tomorrow. Certainly easier said than done, but we have no other option now! The next match is a home derby against Olympiakos so six points in the next 2 games could really help us out considering after this we would have completed our derbies until the second half of the season.

Some positive news for the team is that Scocco will finally be returning. Djebbour is still recovering from an injury last I heard, and both Manolas and Dellas will be out due to their ridiculous red cards last match, so we could use all the help we could get.

I can honestly say I have no clue what to expect come tomorrow. This team so far under Manolo has shown us great performances (the 0-4 against Aris and 1-5 against Panserraikos) as well as depressing ones (most recently against PAOK as well as the match with Panionios). Having said that, the team will hopefully be looking to prove a point because if we dont turn things around soon any chances for a championships will be slipping out of reach.


2 Responses to “Kavala-AEK”

  1. With the players missing we will be lacking alot in certain areas especially in defence.Kavala isnt a bad side either,we didnt beat them last season (i think,correct me if im wrong pls) so it will be a tough game.Nevertheless 3 points can be won and I hope they are as we need them but also gives us confidence going into the big one next week against Oly,it really is slowly getting to the point where we are saying “if we dont win this week we are no hope” so this week and next are the most crucial for us,hopefully we can come away with 6 points but I wouldnt be disappointed with 4 points either.It all starts tonight and I hope our boys are up for it because a good performance is overdue…

  2. Actually AEK11, we did beat them on the second round at OAKA last year, 3-1 I think?

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