So, I watched most of the first half and parts of the second, but one thing was obvious today. We didn’t deserve even a point today looking at how we played. PAO tied 1-1 at home against Larissa, yet for the second week in a row we fail to capitalize on a great opportunity and instead of being that much closer to first we now sit in fourth place (with three teams playing tomorrow who could catch up to us).

We had very little organization and could not gain any control of the game. We started with Djebbour and Blanco but many feel that Libe should have gotten the start. I know he only recently returned from injury but I think he could have made a difference. However, to add to our injury problems, Djebbour seems to have injured his shoulder, an injury which has bothered him in the past as well. I’m not sure the details yet, but things are starting to look tough again. Both Manolas (completely undeserved) and Dellas (who was on the bench!) received red cards meaning our options on the pitch are starting to look thin once again.

PAOK today were average at best, and had we showed up and played some football I am confident we could have seen even all three points. It’s a shame really since PAOK has seemed to become that team lately that we can always count on for points. Afterall, the last time they beat us in the league was 2007.

Our shots on net statistic for the match is pretty frightening… only 3 in the entire 90 minutes! And our one goal came from a penalty. Things really aren’t looking good, and we have some critical matches coming up in both the league and Europe… hopefully we can turn things around but it does seem like we’ve been saying that for a while.

Alot happened during and after the game, and I’m still confused around many of the details. Firstly, there were a couple incidents on the bench. One main one involved Dellas and a PAOK fan who threw a 1.5 liter bottle at the players (I am not sure if the bottle was thrown at the bench or Dellas specifically). Dellas threw the bottle back resulting in a red card. I’ve heard that Dellas is looking into taking legal action against the fan, so we’ll see. However, this is not nearly the first time incidents like this have happened at Toumba. You would figure they would look into resolving the the problems, maybe by making moderations to the stadium? I hate to see that happen, but its clear that fans like these cannot be given all the privileges of other fans. I know all teams in Greece has fans who cause trouble, and AEK certainly has many. However, this sort of thing is pretty much your average occurrence for a PAOK game.

It doesn’t end there though! Remember the incidents involving fans AEK players after the Panionios match? Well, 50 PAOK fans were outside the AEK change rooms yelling at Dellas, Dimitriadis, and co… only in Greece does stuff like this happen! How 50 fans can get there in the first place, let alone stay without being forced away immediately, I will never understand.

If anyone watched the match, please leave a comment. I would like to comment more on our actual performance but I was distracted at the time of the game. Thanks!


6 Responses to “PAOK 2-1 AEK”

  1. Saw the game and must say was disappointed by the result,the way we played and the fact he didnt start Libe who I thought wouldve caused problems for PAOK.Wasnt impressed with djebbour,someone needs to sit him down and remind him he has a team running with him and its ont only him upfront,his options at times just shit me watching it to be honest.Our defence wasnt that bad but it wasnt solid either.In the middle we didnt do too bad but we just lacked urgency and co-ordination.

    I know we have players out and whatever else but if we dont start getting points together and start some kind of winning streak out title hopes and everyhting else we thought will just disappear like every other season.Hurts to say it but I see another disappointing season ahead and its not even christmas yet.

    We have Kavala away who i really doubt we will beat as they too arent a bad side then the big one with Oly.We really need 6 points and if we dont get it then I see our hopes fading fast.

    As for the off the field dramas what can we expect from greek football? If the fans arent destroying the game somehow its the idiots in the Federation doing it and perfect example of this is by allowing Olympiakos to replay their 2ND HALF ONLY against Ergotelis because of the rain,makes me laugh how they allow this when the game shouldv been postponed from the start and NOT after they found out AEK and PAO had dropped points. F*^$#^ DISGRACE!!!!!

  2. AEK11 you pretty well covered it all. The PAOK fans were a disgrace with their behaviour, enough is enough, grow up children. Kakos the ref was horrible. He covers all the derbys and he made many mistakes last night. I dont think he was out to get us, but two mistakes dont make a right. ie: by not giving Djebour a red he gave it to Manolas. And what can you can say about the ref in Crete, he disqualified a clean Oly goal and cancelled the second half when it had stopped raining, go figure.
    I just hope that PAOK gets punished and plays a few games without their brainless fans in the stands.
    There was lots on today’s press about the game, Jimenes received much of the blame regarding AEK’s performance, ie: by not putting Kafes in the game, benching Lybe and Dellas, putting Blanco on mid-right. Basically they are saying that he was using the Kavala line up yest. In other words, the month long honeymoon is over.
    Anyways, i can go and on about yest’s game and what was written on the press, but its history now.

  3. Boys,great reading and you’ve pretty much summed it all up.One thing thats missing is Papa Boupa,the rock that allows Kafes to get forward where he can be dangerous.Lets face it Makos and Gentzoglou are far from our first choice pairing in the middle of the park.Not sure why Kafes and Dellas were on the bench apart from needing a “rest”,but im not about to question Jimenez yet.Trust me when i say we are in a far better position than we would have been if things hadn’t changed.

  4. Zagorakis is saying that dellas should not open a court case because it happenes everywere in Greece HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
    PAOK fans have to get a ban this happenes every game, but no1 does something

  5. Same thing happened a year and a half ago against Oly when Nikopolidis did his famous karate kick. Did he ever get punished? no!! Anyways, Zagorakis at the time came out blasting his fans and they did calm down at the time, but so far he has said nothing. According to the site he was smiling when all this was going on. Not to mention their bravos intimidating our bench.
    For those that understand Greek, they describe the jungle atmosphere here quite well,ετσι-ζησαμε-την-ζουγκλα-της-τουμπας.htm it wasnt one bottle, it was 3 full bottles, including chunks of cement, one chunk Jimenes kicked away.
    I was watching the Barca game that night, the fans were sitting so close to the pitch, they were so civilised. We are such animals here it aint funny.

  6. What a joke this league is. PAOK gets hit with ONLY a 10K Euro fineγελαει-ολος-ο-πλανητης.htm

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