AEK 3 Ergotelis 1

A much needed victory and three points,was the result of last nights game at the OAKA.In a game that never reached any great heights,AEK were hungrier and ultimately deserved the victory,even if the football played by both sides left alot to be desired.
AEK in the 1st half were just about terrible.Jimenez,whose hands are still tied with all the injuries we have at the moment,chose a 4-2-3-1 line up.Saja in goal,Nasuti and Dellas the central defensive pair,Patsa right back and Lagos returned to left back for the suspended Dadomo.Kafes and Makos were the holding midfielders,Leonardo wide left,Blanco wide right,Geriero tucked in behind a frustrating Djebbour up front.
AEK in the 1st half resembled the AEK under Bajevic for his last couple of games with us.No fluency or rythym in attack,passes constantly going astray,nothing was going right.I think we created 1 chance in that 1st half which Djebbour could not take.2 minutes out from the break,Ergotelis received a very cheep free kick about 28 meters out.Their captain,with a left foot pearler gave Saja no chance,and we were all saying,here we go again.
Within 2 minutes we had equalised,when Blanco’s cross into the area was missed by their keeper with the ball bouncing off the back of Kafes’ head and into an empty net.A lucky goal in a way but a much needed one.
The second half,although not much better was an improvement on the 1st half.On 55 min,we were threatening with some crosses when we got a corner.Gerierro took it,a high curling ball,which once again the Ergotelis keeper totally misjudged and Blanco was on the spot to once again head into an emty net.
The third goal and the sealer arrived in stoppage time,when Djebbour released an unmarked Eder(he replaced an average Leonardo) on the right and he calmly chipped the keeper.
All in all not a great performance but 3 points is what it’s all about while we are depleted with a medical list the length of my arm.Blanco got the MVP with a goal and an assist,not far behing was Dellas and Nasuti.Djebbour was very average tonight and im sure Ismaels performance will give Jimenez plenty of thought.Personally,i’d start Blanco every chance,holds the ball up well when up front on his own and is much more of a team player with a better passing game.Your thoughts are very welcome!!!


6 Responses to “AEK 3 Ergotelis 1”

  1. xstratosx Says:

    what a great second half there! i could honestly say that, wile watching the first half that it wasn’t going to go our way today. but yeah! great second half. man.. did Blanco play a hell of a game or what??, its good to see him play like that. and its looking like Leonardo is finding his groove too. its definitely hard times when a lot of our guys are out due to injuries though.

  2. Considering all the injuries the 3 points was much needed.Didnt get to see the game as I slept in (for once) so I was happy to see we won.Blanco has picked up when given field time and i think that was what he really needed some real game time to lift his confidence and get some goals again which he is doing so lets hope he just keeps it up now.
    As for our list of injuries i hope we get some players back for the big game this weekend at PAOK as they themselves has started to find some form and it wont be easy going there and taking 3 points but in saying that I dont think we have a bad record at TOUBA so a win is possible.

    This is the most crucial part of the season for AEK I think because if we dont claim atleast 7 (or 9) points in the next 3 games we will fall behind Oly as we meet them aswell end of the month.

    Lets just hope we get a good result this weekend,get players back and put in a solid perfromance in Europa next week.Its also good to hear Manolo thinking about young players and giving them a chance especially our Greek youngsters as thats what we need happening.Finally also heard he has a few players on his mind for AEK during the transfer window in january from his previous club Sevilla,young players but have heard of a couple and they would suit playing Greek league and AEK.Lets hope something can be done to bring some fresh players in as we will need them with our injury toll.

  3. Great to see Blanco hit some good form now with PAOK coming up! He always seems to have fun with them 😉

  4. come on guys blanco hasen’t improved that much, he just went from bad to Average. Djebbour just needs to stay as a striker because he is often out of posistion

  5. Aek21ali,mate Blanco was our top scorer for 3 years.This year he’s been getting no game time,and even when he does,playing right midfield,he still scores.Djebbour,as much as he’s shown good form earlier on,is still too selfish for me.Don’t get me wrong,you need that and a bit arrogance in a striker but i think his decision making is poor,like ythe other night when he had a totally unmarked Gentzoglou inside him but he still decided to shoot himself.Later on,he did feed Eder,only because he knew that the AEK fans would have got on his back if he took that chance as well.This week Libe comes back and i expect Jimenez to go with a 4-2-3-1 formation against PAOK,with Libe just behind Djebbour more than likely.He better be on his toes cause Ismael is chomping at the bit for a crack against the Northeners.

  6. What about last year? Blanco played almost every game, and he would miss easy chances every time

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