AEK 1-1 Anderlecht

Frustrating, disappointing, nerve wrecking… all suitable adjectives for describing today’s the game.

Firstly, we still have hope. Zenit beat Hajduk in Croatia today meaning the race for second place is very, very tight. If we can manage to turn things around, second place is very possible.

We started todays game strong, creating a few excellent chances (sitters, really) but failed each and every time to get the ball in the back of the net. We had fairly good control on the match throughout the first 45 and looked good considering we were missing key players like Roger, Scocco, and Liberopoulos. We were certainly showing much more determination than the match with Panionios, but we were still severely lacking discipline from the midfield up.

Our goal finally came through a penalty in the second half. But the good news ends there. Anderlecht turned the pressure up a notch after conceding while it seemed our guys seemed to drop down considerably and eventually it was the Belgian team’s turn to score after some poor (and I mean POOR!) defending from our guys. Having said that, Manolas had a great game today, though I did get worried when I saw him complaining about injuries.

All things considered, there is still hope in my opinion. Manolo’s second European match only and the players have had to deal with quite a few games in a short period of time (and the number of injuries meant little flexibility with resting certain players). Circumstances clearly aren’t ideal, and we were saved towards the end by some key Saja saves, but all is not lost yet. After all, this is Anderlecht we’re talking about… when was the last time we were lucky while playing them?


Some better news as well… our team has finally begun training in Spata! The pitch looks great, such a massive improvement over the sand pit there were training on at Thrakomakedones. This will only help our team in the future and its a great moment in our history. There is still work that needs to be done but the facilities look very nice indeed.


7 Responses to “AEK 1-1 Anderlecht”

  1. giati kanenas den milaei ellinika??

  2. The blog is intended for people in the diaspora that aren’t familiar with the language, Greeks and non Greeks alike.

  3. Been away for a couple of weeks. Returned yesterday evening, just in time for the second half. Nice to finally see a very happy Blanco again after his goal. The 1-1 was disastrous, no one in our defense reacted the way they should. Lousiest goal I’ve seen in a long time. A win would have put us in a great spot. Well, on we go, no one ever said it’s easy to be an AEK-fan 😉

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    Speaking of the sand pit, according to this link and Petro will probably enjoy it, it says that when the UEFA official saw Thrakemakedones, his jaw droppedεπαθε-πλακα-με-τους-θρακομακεδονες.htm .

    Its too bad about yest, had Blanco scored at the 6′ mark, i am sure things would had turned out differently. It was a very entertaining game though. We just have to hope that Zenit will keep giving 100% and keep winning the remaining games, they may let their guard down and lose a game. After all, werent they winning 3-0 at one point last night?

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    Giorgios Galatsis, AEK reporter on the radio at the moment is saying if we had a full roster, the 8 guys that are missing, we easily would have scored three goals.
    The coach is very disappointed that the young lad was challenged by the fans. He became the youngest AEK player to play a European game. Manolas reminded Giorgios of his uncle.

    • Could only see bits and pieces as the stream kept cutting out,what i did see though was the miss by Gentzoglou in front of an open goal,aaggghhh!Again,nothing lost,fate is still in our hands,if we can stay healthy.Manolo has used 24 players in 6 games due to the injuries,i challenge any club anywhere in the world that could beat that.And still we’re alive.
      Chris,was that on Sentra FM???I heard i think what you’re talking about but that other guy that hosts with him,what a wanker,if its the same show we’re talking about?

  6. Chris Zap Says:

    Giorgos Galatsis and Thanos Liakopoulos the other AEK reporter work for ERA sport. Thats 100.30 FM here in Athens, Sentra FM is at 103.30. There is also NovaSport that my uncle listens to. I am used to ERA sport and thats where i heard it. Giorgos was saying that he has been covering AEK for 20 some years now. He even played a game at Thrakemakethones once, it was reporters against some other group.

    Its funny that you mention that about Sentra FM. I heard from other AEK fans that its a Vazelo (PAO) radio station, but i didnt take them serious cause you know how greeks like to stereotype everything 😉 I’ll pay more attention to them next time. The only time I listen to Sentra is around 5PM cause Era sport does the betting report at the time and I am not a betting man 😉

    I went up to Thrakemakethones this AM for what should be last open practice there. Georgeas and Dellas were both practicing and looked good. I send a bunch of videos to Alex. I am listening to another AEK report at the moment, this time on SKAI radio. Georgeas is back on the roster and should be playing on Monday. They doubt Dellas will play on Monday. Lybe is still out, has been for i think they said 35 days. However he was there but not practicing. They also interviewed Jimenes this AM. He said he wants to keep both Blanco and Scocco but its really up to AEK, he will not pressure AEK into any type of contract that they cant afford. He is also looking at Seville players for AEK. He said he knows a lot of kids from there, they call him every so often and consider him their friend. But he wants to build AEK on Greek players, kids that grew up cheering for AEK and AEK belongs to them.

    He took the entire team and management out to dinner in Kifissia last nighht. He said to them that if they get 7 points during the next 3 games, he will treat them to another dinner.

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