Panionios 1-0 AEK

You gotta love AEK. The minute a golden opportunity comes around to put us within two points of first place, what do we do? We waste it!

Panionios hasn’t been our luckiest team to play against recently, and today proved to be no different. However, very little, not even luck, could have assisted us today with the way our players played (as was evident considering the fact that Saja saved a penalty). There was no will evident in the majority of the players, no team chemistry, a stupid red which could have easily been avoided by Dadomo… just a poor performance all around.

To be honest, I would have loved to see us beat Panionios, but I had a feeling this would happen. Regardless, the team has proven they can play nice football against tougher opponents, and I’m sure they can bounce back, but there was no excuse for today’s performance.

To make matters worse, both Dellas and Diop picked up injuries.

Our starting lineup had Saja in net (who had a good game, including saving a penalty who’s rebound could have ended up in the net), but a defense which really wasn’t good enough. Argyriou has shown some good things but his performances have been far from flawless (it was his clumsy tackle which led to the penalty). I can’t go into much more detail since the ANT1 quality in Canada was just terrible and I missed part of the second half, but they will need to improve greatly for our game with Anderlecht, one which I still feel they can win if they show up and play football.

Djebbour had a brilliant chance to put AEK up by one after getting onto the receiving end of a Leonardo freekick but his finish wasn’t good enough.

Makos received verbal abuse throughout the match which led to our players being attacked by the Panionios fans as they were boarding the bus. Panionios fans,  living up to their name the Paninios kittens (sorry, is that supposed to be Panthers?) How pathetic can you get, to the point where you would attack unexpected and unprotected players? Police were nowhere to be found and the players were forced to defend themselves. Additional support came from Lagos, Arabatzis and Manolas who went to the aid of Libe, Dellas, and Djebbour. Pathetic… more reason to see Paninios and their kittens sink down to second division.

Kittens… always running.



Hopefully we can put these events and this match behind us. We have a good team, an experienced and passionate coach, a new training ground ready soon, this is a prime opportunity for us to win some silverware, even if its only a cup. Hopefully the players regroup and focus on the task at hand.



7 Responses to “Panionios 1-0 AEK”

  1. I saw the game and it was a very disappointing performance by our team.Saja for me had one of his best games for AEK,he did everything right and saved a penatly and always tried lifting the boys spirits.Our defence in the first half wasnt the best,we kept getting caught out as Panionios really took the game to us.I really only felt safe when Manolas came on for Dellas who got injured,the kid was EVERYWHERE and when Manolo pushed Argyriou and Lagos further up as we chased the game Manolas cleaned up everything for us at the back.Nasuti isnt so bad although he can time his tackles alot better at time.

    Our midfield today just looked slow with everything they did.Not sure if that was their instructions but I think at times they couldve moved the ball quicker and better to players in good positions.Shame we lost Diop who also got injured and forced us into our 2nd substitution in the 1st half but for me Makos played a solid game.Leonardo was disappointing,his set pieces werent causing their defence any problems and when he had the ball he just didnt look dangerous at all.I really dont want to comment on Dadomo,his red card was stupid and pretty much gave Panionios more confidence when he got sent off.
    Kafes was quiet in the first half but got more involved in the 2nd half as the game wore on but Djebbour was also disappointing,although I must say it wasnt easy for him at times having 3 defenders around him and no support.When Blanco came on he tried and was full of running but by then I think the players were already tired.

    Overall it was a poor performance,we hardly tested their keeper and when we did shoot outside the box the ball ended up in the stand majority of the time.We missed Burns,Libe and Scocco as they do provide something different for us in attack,hopefully all can be ready soon as the next 3 weeks will be our biggest test if we do want to challenge for the title.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Very disapointing game indeed. We really didnt expect this at all, Panionios has been hurting lately, they fired their coach right after the cup loss against the Rhodes team. Its too bad we resurected them. But didnt we do this last year as well? Played well against good teams and poorly against poor teams?
    The sad part was what took place after the game. I dont know what the problem is with the Panionios fans. Ever since we bought Ensaliva from them they started this hatred towards us. Our history is very similar, there should be a bond between us not this hatred. Last year they had banners against us, then they destroyed their own field so we couldnt use it for our European game and last night the attack against our players. Apparantely it was a group of 6 youths (obviously ones that dont know the history of the two teams), the leader of the group was actually caught. One cop had also grabbed Djibour and was going to take him in but Dimitriadis interfered and started yelling to the cops. He also cursed them for leaving the team undefended. Anyways, lets see if anyone will get charged for a change. They still havent charged the youth that attacked Bajevits and they know who they are.
    Speaking of attacks, the observer ref for Saturday night’s big derby was attacked after the game as he was heading to his father-in-law’s house. Keep in mind this ref, the famous Vasaras, big red sympathiser and main participant of the red “paraga” was actually attacked by more than likely red fans. They really cant take a loss can they?

  3. Tiberious Says:

    we are shown a little light and then… return back in the tunnel…sigh and double sigh…

  4. I think whitout datomos stupid red card we could maybe won or play draw! I wanted to see Roger in the starting line-up. He was one of the best players against pao and in the cup, but whitout pre-season training he can’t play every three days. It’s easy to say now but we could allso play whit 4-4-2 whit blanco and djebbour infront, Djebbour was again alone in the attack, maybe one reason was Leonardos very bad performance!

  5. When Djebbour was about to fuck up one of the klammeno gataki. The pousti started to run

  6. I saw the game, just like always. And ONCE again I have to say that Leonardo SUCKS. Bayevic had him as his “favourite” and choose to play with him as he sometimes (!) stands in the right position to score. But thats not a reason to let him play, Blanco is 50 times better. Leonardo just sucks. His small, bad in defence, he can’t shoot, can’t pass, his the worse freekick-taker aek has ever had and he destoys every single attack.

    I’ve been wondering about why they let him play? My answer is:
    1. They don’t want to make him “sad”?
    2. His good during the trainings.
    3. Manolo flipped a coin when he choose between blanco and leonardo, tales up – leonardo got to play.

  7. Chris Zap Says:

    Apparantely Djibbour was spoken to by Jimenes. He said too much to the press after the game and he was way to friendly towards his x-team mates. Jimenes told them he wants fighters!!

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