Familiar opponent for AEK in the Greek Cup

So, our first opponent, who we will face this Thursday at 4:00 Greek time will be Panthrakikos. We’ve never faced them in the Cup however we have come across them on more than one occasion these past two seasons. The match will be played away however, considering our current form (Anderlecht game excluded) I think we will be more successful this time around than last season (when we were knocked out by Thrasivolous).

I don’t know if Scocco will be ready for this one, I actually haven’t kept on top of the news regarding injuries to be honest, however, after seeing Roger’s performance I think we can all take a sigh of relief knowing that we now have someone else who can be just as effective in the midfield. However, I do think Panthrakikos will put up more of a fight than PAO over the weekend. How effective they will be is another issue, but I don’t see them sitting back on this one.


7 Responses to “Familiar opponent for AEK in the Greek Cup”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Scocco will not be available, a) due to his injury and b) he is busy negotiating with Benfica 😉 We are all getting extremely tired of his behaviour. Its too bad we cant sell him now and make some money off the guy. I say we renew his contract and then get rid of him as soon as we can and make a decent profit. I am sure Manolo has many good guys lined up, epecially now that they joined a top scouting firm.

    Lybe and Patsa have overcome their injuries. Diop, lets see if he will not be too “tired” to play. Thats the reason he didnt play against PAO, cause he was too tired. If i was getting 800K euros/season, the word “tired” will not exist in my vocabulary. He was free since April, if the man was professional he should have kept in shape.

    Blanco maybe used to give Djibour a break. Although i have a feeling that Blanco will be history soon. Unfotunately, unless he has someone to feed him passes he just cant get the ball in the net.

  2. Shame about Scocco I hope he doesnt go and we sell him at the end of the season as he will be handy for us in our attack.I have read around that we are after some Brazilian striker from Gremio,apparently he was eager to come last year but it fell through and now some kind of contact has been made.Has anyone heard of this????

    Hopefully we get Libe,Patsa and Manolas back soon.Id rather them be ready for the weekend as we will need to claim all 3 points as points will be dropped from teams above us.But any game time would be good in the Cup.

    As for Blanco well what can you say,I still like him and think he can score goals for us but with Djebbour doing so well its not making it easier and the look I saw on his face when he realised he wasnt getting a run against PAO on the weekend after the 3 subs had been made wasnt a happy one.

    I think Jiminez must have something in mind and who knows maybe he can bring some players from Spain through his contacts to AEK,only time will tell but for now the man is doing a great job!!!!

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    You talking about Zonas? I think that is his name, or something like that. If its the same guy, we could have had him last year but they couldnt agree on a price for him. Now that he is the top scorer in Brazil his price has gone up to 5 times more than what they were asking last year and of course other european teams are now interested. The aek site http://www.aek365.gr was talking about him either last week or the week before.

    Yeah i still like Blanco but what can you do. I was hoping he would have come in during the PAO game and scored a couple of goals but dealing with the injuries took priority. Speaking of injuries, Lagos and Dadomo are complaining of pains in this morning’s practice.

  4. I thought aek should bench Scocco last season to make a stand, no player is worth more than AEK. However, from what I’ve heard, his quite satisfied with aek.. it’s not like he hates it.. newspapers blows up stories all the time.. so, I think we should do everything we can to keep him – afterall: his one of the best players in greece atm. And we do hav a GREAT squad, last time I said that were 2004..
    … and finally (!!!) Leonardo is on the bench.. his a good substitute but should not be in the starting line..

    The game against panathinaikos were one of the best matches for the past 3 years, maybe not the best score but the tacticts laid out by Jimenez were outstanding. The defence were intact througout the game and they managed to make cisse invincible.. it felt like they could replace cisse with a sack of rice and noone would notice any difference.. Simply: great!

  5. They better be alright! Both were very impressive last game!

    So will Libe be playing?

  6. Chris Zap Says:

    AEK_Nord, thats exactly what they did to Cise. He and Katsouranis were simple spectators. Karagounis (aka karagiozis) was too busy whining with the ref.

    Lybe, Patsa, Burns are not in the squad up north today. I dont know about Diop. They actually are not sure if the game will go ahead as planned. They will check the field’s condition around 3PM and will advise the teams further. It has been raining hard since noon in Komotini. Yesterday they postponed the Oly vs Iliuopoli game till next week. PAO is not happy obviously about that decision. The game could have been held today no problem.

  7. Will there be a link for this game?

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