AEK 1-0 PAO!

I’m downloading the match right now and will watch it when its completed. In the meantime Ill add what I’ve heard being mentioned so far.

First of all, huge win! We needed a positive result to pick ourselves up after stumbling with Anderlecht, and we did it. As AEKMAN74 stated, Manolo made a few unexpected choices, but it sounds as thought they’ve paid off. From what I heard, Dadomo gave a pretty effective performance, which is a relief considering we’ve seen very little of him so far. Either way, things are looking great for Manolo! His first two games against rivals, and six points is the end result! At this point we couldn’t ask for anymore!

Though things don’t look good right now with some injury problems for us, it sounds as though we were all over PAO. After watching the youtube highlights, it is clear only one team deserved the three points, and that team is AEK. Even without Scocco and Libe, we looked very dangerous up front.

On the other hand, it sounds as though PAO were just terrible. Funny how, even with a fraction of their budget, we still show them who’s boss in Athens. Even with “world class” strikers like Cisse, they still can’t score on us (by the way, sounds as though Dellas had a pretty solid game… all I can say is well done to him considering his age and the amount of playing time he’s dealt with).

I’ve read there were around 40,000 supporters, a bit lower than the pre-match estimates. Regardless, it looks like the atmosphere was fantastic and it seems the Originals put on quite a show! BRAVO AEKARA!!!


9 Responses to “AEK 1-0 PAO!”

  1. Great result and the boys played well.We did tire in the 2nd half towards the end but it was good to hang on and get the 3 points.We missed Libe and Scocco today in attack.We also shouldve scored a few more goals djebbour missed a great header and towards the end we had many chances to kill them off but the boys didnt take them.In the end the 3 points is great for us and puts us in great position to actually really make a challenge for the title this season.With the oly v pao derby next week its another great chance for us to close the gap on oly and then hopefully we beat them in a few weeks time.

    • Can you imagine if Scocco was playing last night? The score didnt do us justice. Should have been a 3-0 game. Their best player was Tzorvas. He was the only guy from PAO that came out to play. Great atmosphere, great party last night. I was watching the guys in gate 2, they were still sitting in the stands singing after the game, they refused to leave the stadium. Jimenes’ team did a great job last night πŸ˜‰ They showed to him that they had a heart, they had blood running through their vains and not water. He wanted proof of that and they gave it to him.
      He had read PAO very well. Like he said during his interview, he feeds his assistants lots of coffee, they stayed up late and watch PAO games. Good luck on the 28th for the cup game.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Btw, Djebour was once again wearing that stupid neck warmer. Maybe he forgot he was playing back in Athens πŸ˜‰

  3. Chris,i agree,looks ridiculous buuuuut,as long as he keeps scoring,he can wear whatever he wants for all i care.
    On a serious note,fantastic win today,boys were superb,Manolo giving them a 20/10.Score should have been much bigger,great decision by Jimenez to start Burns and Lagos wide,their speed caused the green rabbits trouble all night.Dadomo went ok,considering he was getting thrashed in the papers earlier on,has speed and overlaps well.Aryiriou,well he’s a kid filling in,but he was all heart and some great cutouts on crosses.Djebbour got Man of the Match,and deservedit,but for me Geriero was the pick of a great bunch.So glad he was given a chance in his rightfull position,more options and creativity.He and Scocco would be awesome feeding off eachother.Injuries are a worry but none look longterm.
    It’s obvious the players are all on alert now.Positions are up for grabs and this can only create healthy competion on which we should capatilise on.With the others playing their derby next week(i hate saying their names),Chance for us to go closer again.Im tipping we’ll be on top by late November and their to stay!!!

  4. AEK Baltimore Says:

    Hey Alex-

    Email me how you download a game after its been played please. Does it work on Mac?

  5. Hey aekman. Alex told me your picture is in the Dundee program, are you aware of that? I assume he told u already.
    There are several things that took place during yest’s game. Lagos was playing his natural position and he did some good feeding last night. Dadamo did a great pass up, something we havent seen done a long time from part of the field. The kid Argyriou did make some mistakes but they were totally incapable of capitilising on them as you said. Like the guy on the radio said, at times he placed the ball to Hrisodoulos, who gave it to Karagounis who had no idea what to do with it. The man is so busy whining about anything and everything, he is quite pathetic.
    As for Sat. Marinakis said “there is no derby”. Anyways, this could be Nioplas final game behind the PAO bench.

  6. Mike, you got the email?

    Nah, the Panserraikos programme has his picture. Next time your at the AEK shop see if they have anymore of that issue by the way.

    As for the game, I just watched a good chunk of it and wow, that game was all AEK. Pao has no team, up front they were useless and they were just as bad in the midfield! There is no excuse for us not to pass these guys in the tables in a week or two.

    I was really impressed with out left side, it was really fluid over there. Dadomo looks good, Lagos is just fantastic.

    Wow, I really hope we demolish panionios this weekend, help them get a hear start on their way to second division.

    • Chris Zap Says:

      Pateras, PAO’s president really drilled it into their coach and his staff. He said you were defeated by AEK’s B-team. I watched the AEK show on TV last night. The commentators said that at times there were 3 AEK players on top of a PAO player. Something he hasnt seen in a long time. They also mentioned that Lagos came back many times to help Dadomo, which is alright, it goes to show you Lagos determination and stamina.

      As for Panionios, they too would like to see Panionios humiliated. They felt sorry for feeling that way but the way they have behaved towards us they deserve it. Needless to say, AEK has not asked for any tickets from them.

  7. GlasgowPower Says:

    Hey man, is there any chance I can get the link for the download as well? I missed the match and I’ve been dying to watch it!

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