Final Score…Aris 0 – AEK 4

The second half turned out better than expected as our new AEKARA put another 3 goals past the Aris keeper,rounding out a great 4 nil win.
Jimenez has tuened things around in a week it seems,much more cohesion and understanding amongst the players,tactical nous and a foundation built on a strong defense.
Scocco made it 2 nil on 68 min when he received a pass from Dellas just inside the Aris half,took 2 steps and unleashed the goal of the season from the best part of 40 meters out.Wonder goal,but we expect these now from Nacho.
Scocco then made it 3 nil,when a beautiful move involving many players,eventually found Lagos down the left flank,whose cross was missed by all with Nacho,once again thundering an unstoppable shot from the edge of the box.
Djebbour made it 4 in injury time by making a tremendous run into the penalty area,drawing the keeper and finding the net with his left foot.high hopes but 4 nil was beyond my wildest immagination.All the players were outstanding today,from Saja who never really had much to do,right through to Djebbour who toiled hard and deservedly got his goal at the end.
The derby against Pao is on next week in what should be a just about FULLHOUSE OAKA,and this win gives us the confidense to go into such an important clash.I did watch Pao’s game with Paok on the Saturday and there were very ordinary in the second half,just holding on to their 1 nil win.If we play with the same passion as today,i’m positive we have their measure.


9 Responses to “Final Score…Aris 0 – AEK 4”

  1. Tiberious Says:

    what a great result..really hope we can carry this through to next game and onwards. !!

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Unfortunately i didnt watch the game, my satelite wasnt picking up the signal, i assume due to the heavy rain we received last night. Too bad i missed such a game, had to listen to it on the radio. It was funny listening to the announcer when he was saying that AEK scored yet, there was such a silence from the crowd. I thought i was hearing things. I dont remember the last time we scored 4 goals. Was it that unforgetable March evening of 2008 against Olympiakos?

    I am glad the team finally decided to make an appearance and play, especially Scocco. I guess he is trying to convince Adamidis that he is worth the 1 mil that he is asking. We expected 4 goals against Xanthi as well especially when Leonardo scored at the 4 min mark but that never happened.

    Anyways, glad to see the psychology of the team is changing. The guys and us fans deserve better. 30 fans greeted the team yest at 1AM during the rain at their hotel. No, i was not one of them.

    Big game next weekend and yes i will be there. Lets hope they dont exhaust themselves or hurt themselves during that UEFA game Thursday night.

    Its good to be smiling again and feeling positive.

  3. Hi Chris,thanks for the feedback and it is great to smile again.Last time we scored 4 was in the final,i think???Although i did see 5 against Sydney FC,in the pre-season,that was fun.Hope we can keep Scocco,his price tag rises with each freakish goal he scores.Papa was awesome today,did the job we bought him to do to perfection,as did Makos,in his best game ive seen for the club.Problem for the game with Anderlecht,no right fullback.With Jahic getting injured,Patsa and Georgeas still a while away,Jimenez has some thinking to do.Does he go for Nasuti,who is really a central defender,or for Aryiriou,still young,but plenty of promise.I’m tipping Manolo will give the kid a start.

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    That’s what i have been hearing and reading here in Athens. That Diop played the way he was hired to play and Maco played his best game ever as you mentioned. Even Scocco went back a few times to assist the defense and did some marking. Our central line was solid which hasnt been the case in the past. I was able to catch the first 10 minutes before my satelite crapped out and saw Lagos markings. We were very lucky he didnt get a second yellow. Kakos was been very tough at the beginning of the game but let that one go.
    I been reading that Jimenes has been doing a lot of weird things at practice, ie: he has been playing music, even having them play with an “American” football. Not sure what kind of practice that is, but hey, it worked for this game.
    Anyways, i want to stay calm and not get too excited so i dont come crushing down again. As one paper wrote, AEK played well last year against tough teams but lost against the easy ones. So i am not going to get too excited till the end of Sunday’s game against PAO.
    Another question they were asking on the radio was if Jimenes was going to change anything for the next games, ie: he didnt have Lybe against Aris. Lybe will be available on Thursday. Will he change anything or go with the same lineup as yest?

  5. Thanks for the post Ross! Alot of good stuff has been said already. I agree, we shouldn’t get too excited, but this result is quite something! 4-0 away in that stadium doesn’t happen everyday! Also, is this the last time we scored 4 goals at least in the league since the 5-1 with Panserraikos? I can’t think of any other.

    As for Papa and Makos, that’s fantastic news! With Makos, Kafes, Gentz, and Diop, our mid is set now!

    I’m really confident ahead of the pao game! We have a better chance now than ever before of taking this game! And it will put us one point behind them also!

  6. Chris Zap Says:

    That was our biggest game in that stadium. Nice knowing Jimenez is now holding that title 😉

  7. I saw the game and I must say that was the AEK that I loved as a kid.Attacking football,solid in defence,organised all over the park and general hunger from every player.I dont want to get too excited because we know AEK next week can put on a bad display but I cant help but feel something good and special might happen this season if we just keep up the same consistency each week.I really think we can beat PAO next week they havent impressed me at all so far and it would be good to get a win as Olympiakos has 2 tough games coming up vs Aris and then PAO,so hopefully AEK can pick up the points needed and then it would have us right up there in perfect position to challenge for the title!!!!!

  8. Chris Zap Says:

    You are absolutely right Aek11. Thats what Jimenes told the players, to tone things down and get back to work. He also told them that nothing has been achieved yet, they need a series of wins to prove that things have changed. The press hasnt stopped writing about him and the love afair is still going strong. Lets hope it continues.
    Lets see how Thursday night goes. If it goes very well, i think there will be a good turn out for Sunday night’s game which i cant wait to attend.
    As for PAO, they have not been convincing at all so far this year. The game against Aris they won with a bit of help from their friends. They beat a psychologically hurting PAOK by a 1-0 score. Sure they scored 4 against Ergotelis but Ergotelis is to PAO what Xanthi is to Olympiakos 😉
    Right after that game their coach came out to the press and informed them that he is resigning cause they dont love him anymore. I have a feeling he will be the next coach in the Greek league to lose his job and the pressure will be on him after Sunday night’s results. But i am not getting excited!!

  9. I’m surpsied Nioplias even lasted that long, I don’t think he was ever the man for the job, for them. With the way things are looking for us, there is no way pao will be prepared for us. And I bet the atmosphere will be some of the best in a while!

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