Aris V AEK Half Time 0-1

Thats right,leading 1 nil at the break thanks to a goal from captain KAFES.It came in the 42nd min,when Djebbour took the ball down the line,crossed it low and hard,the Aris keeper could only parry the ball into the path of Makos whose effort was blocked,the resulting rebound pounced upon by Kafes.
So what have we learnt so far regarding Manolo Jimenez.Firstly,the passion is back,sure we’ve been a little over zealous on some tackles but i’d rather that than sitting back and waiting.Papa Boupa and Makos providing great cover for the back four.It also seems that Jimenex has told them to counter attack at every opportinity and if idt doesn’t present itself,to hold the ball and drag the oppositiom out.So far so good,lets hope the 2nd half can emulate the first.


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