Senor Jimenez in Athens….

Our new manager,who we hope will be the saviour of our AEK,has touched down in Athens.He was greeted at the airport by about 150 jubilant supporters who kept on singing his name,and other songs,regarding our enemies.
He stopped briefly to give an interview to the waiting press,who could barely breath as they were surrounded by AEK fans.He stated that he was thrilled to be at a club as big as AEK,and he will give everything he’s got for the success of this club.He was then whisked off in a waiting car,once again fans shouting his name.
Apparently it was Adamidis who tipped the scale in our favour as he had 2 other offers from la liga teams.Jimenez is quoted as saying that he was impressed Adamidis did alot of research on him,not only noting what he did for Sevilla in La liga,but for Sevilla’s B team and youth system,which Jimenez was in charge for 7 years.Credit must go to Adamidis here and so far,he’s been pro-active and if he’s left to do the job,im sure great things will happen with AEK in the not too distant future.
Jimenez will be presented to the crowd at the OAKA on Monday afternoon but the work starts before then as he will watch our first team play our reserves in training on Sunday.He plans to involve all players in everything the club does,firsts and reserves as he sees the benefit in developing an effective youth system,which was another thing that impressed him about AEK,the fact we are setting up accademies,not only in Greece but Australia and the U.S.
So preparations have started now for the game against ARIS,Sunday week.Jimenez received a dvd of their game against Anderlecht,and plans to study it astutely.The following game is against Pao and then Europa league.The season could well come down to the next three games,lets just hope Manolo can weave some spanish magic as quickly as possible!


2 Responses to “Senor Jimenez in Athens….”

  1. Thanks Ross! Great post!

    Let’s see what he can do. I really have the feeling if anyone was right for the job, this guy could be it!

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Thats my gut feeling too. Btw, Olympiakos tried to get him as well, they had offered him 1 mil but he turned it down. He was impressed by Adamidis the president of the club personally approaching him instead of some rep.

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