Zenit – AEK 4-2

So we did lose, like more or less expected. But it could have been worse. Couldn’t watch the game just saw the highlights. 1-0 down in the first minute, not a great start 😉
2-0 after 13 minutes. Well, see for yourself.
By the way, seems that I was dead wrong about our temporary headcoach.


4 Responses to “Zenit – AEK 4-2”

  1. Thanks for the video mate! I couldn’t see it but I heard it was a terrible decision to give the penalty against us… typical. But hey, it sounds like our guys put up a good fight, and the result was far from what I was expecting.

    Hajduk needed a 96th minute goal to get a 1-0 win against Anderlecht? Too bad they couldn’t get the draw which would have been great for us, but it shows how in this group we can still achieve second! Our toughest match on paper is over, and with proper preparation and better defense we should be able to take Anderlecht and even Zenit at home! As for the remaining away results, we’ll have to see…

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Its too bad we have such a weak defence, including the goalie. I think Saja should go back into the nets. First and second goal could have been stopped by Arabaji. He even came close to stopping the penalty.

    Also why did Nasouti get a red card with his penalty and their goalie not? Had he received the red card, he would have been kicked out and since they had used all their subs, they would have had to put a player as a goalie. Which Lybe said, at that point we would have taken shots from anywhere. Why do we always have to have bad officiating against us?

    Btw, Lybe has been called back into the Greek national team.

  3. I agree, I think its time to see Saja get some playing.

    So is Lybe actually with the team now?

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