Olympiacos Volou – AEK 3-1…OUCH!

We lost 3-1 at Oly Volou and the way we lost hurts. Was trying to work and watch at the same time, so I didn’t get all of it, but we played a lousy first half. 1-0 down after nearly 10 minutes. Free kick, cross with the head from one of the Volou players and then there was a striker left alone in front of the goal, not very hard for him to score.
We didn’t start very well in the second half either. Never in the whole game we could stop the rushes of Volou players. They just ran long distances with the ball without being properly attacked.
After a few minutes in the second half we finally started to play better and put pressure on Volou. I knew we would score the equalizer, you could feel it coming. And so we did, Liberoupolos scored, assist by Gentzoglou. After that we continued the pressure and scoring again seemed only a matter of time. Volou did nothing but trying to keep us as far away from their goal as possible. We were so much better!
But we didn’t score, and we didn’t stop another Volou rush…so they scored, about 8 minutes before the end of the game. Bajevic answered by putting Blanco in, but it was too late. And then, just before the end of the game something happened, like it always happens with this bald referee: penalty.
Watching the reruns it might have been the right decision, but the referee was much to eager to point to the penalty spot. Well, Arabatzis (who did not play very well) didn’t stop it: 3-1.
If we play like this against Zenith, then we’re in for a big loss. The Russians are in great shape lately, and our defence sucks big time. Fingers crossed.


2 Responses to “Olympiacos Volou – AEK 3-1…OUCH!”

  1. Thanks for the quick post mate!

    Terrible, really disgusting performance. It just seems to bet getting worse each week. I really don’t think there is any hope left for this team. Dellas, Jahic, Makos, these guys will get us nowhere!

    I can hardly see us managing a top ten finish this season!

  2. Sickening loss.

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