Bajevic is done with AEK!

As reported by AEK365, Bajevic told Adamidis and the players that he has resigned as manager of AEK. I really don’t know what to make of this. We have our hardest match of the Europa League group stages coming up, we haven’t even encountered a truly strong team in the Superleague yet. The way things are looking right now, I think we’re in for one our worst seasons yet. Who could possibly take over now? With these players its gonna take a little more then a change in manager to start seeing some results.

Regardless, I always supported the guy, he stuck with us through some very low points in our history these past two years, he got us some great wins, and with some proper investment, he could have turned AEK into the champions of Greece.


5 Responses to “Bajevic is done with AEK!”

  1. Yeah that would be a shame! Bajevic and AEK are linked forever. Played for AEK, coached AEK, moved twice from AEK to Olympiacos ;-), twice attacked by AEK fans. Wonder what his reasons will be to quit.
    As for the season, remember the first half of last season? That was terrible. We’re not there yet although we have 3 points less after 4 games than we had last year. I think we can still reach a top 3 spot in the Super League, but I am very sceptical about succes in the Euro League.

  2. Seems that fans have been throwing seats at Bajevic and the players after the game.

  3. I am not happy that he resigned. He was not given a chance to accomplish much under the circumstances, ie: very small budgets, very weak management. The man can not perform miracles. At least his wife and the Originals will be celebrating this event.
    I must say that in a way I am relieved to see him gone, not that I didnt like him. I am just glad that all the personalities are gone, Demis, Bajevits, no more people worshipping please. Lets get on with supporting the team, lets unite over the team and leave the personalities behind us.
    Another good thing is that this will expose all the other weaknesses that Bajevits was covering for and being the shield of. Lets see our true management now, they will be taking all the heat from now on. Also lets see some of the players true colours, lets see Mr. Scocco now, some others, etc.
    Its a shame Melisanidis never supported his friend and left him there to take all the heat.
    Its a shame that we have done some so poorly agaisnt such weak teams, we really could have taken advantage of this start and be on top of the league but we blew it now.
    Oh well, lets start all over again now. There is always next year.

  4. well, Alex, look at it this way — this ongoing cluster-fu-k has made it a lot easier for you to leave Greece.

  5. Haha, very true! I don’t know how I would’ve been able to handle it seeing the misery on the papers every time I go out, or here it on the radio.

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