AEK 3-1 Hajduk!

Well, I couldn’t see the match unfortunately, so all I got right now is a video:


2 Responses to “AEK 3-1 Hajduk!”

  1. I will try to make a summary of the game. We got off to a flying start, when Djebbour scored the amazing goal, however after that they were pressuring us a lot. Then diop the overated ass hole caused a penelty, was it nesserery i dont really know. After the second half we got our acts together and started destroying them

    Some ratings off plyers
    Arabatzis 7: He did some saves, nothing amazing, saja could do the same
    Jahic: 6: Average where is Patsatoglou?
    Manolas:7 made some very important clearence
    Dellas:6 average made a good header that was saved on the line, i think Nasuti should replace him
    Lagos:7 amazing runs, amazing cross’
    Kafes: 6 Average as always did some good passes but got injured
    Diop:6 First half he was really shit, but then he improved a bit, still i think gkentsoglou is better
    Scocco: 6: Average, did not really try in the first half, but improved in the second
    Burns: 7: This kid is promising, did some very good runs and pases. But i still prefer Leonardo
    Lyberopoulos 7: did some amazing passes
    Djebbour 8: Scored an good goal , missed a penelty, however played very good in general was always trying to get the ball

  2. Thanks man!

    I’m not sure about this Diop. I did hear though, as you mentioned, that he improved during the second half. Who knows.

    Yeah, I’m hearing the Leonardo and Burns debate quite a bit. It’s a tough one in my opinion. Leonardo has improved so much these past six months or so and it would be a horrible time to start not playing him. But Burns has shown so much promise and really deserves a chance to show what he’s capable of as well. But I would still like to see Leonardo in, he really contributes alot to our attack and has scored his fair share of goals.

    Its great to see Lagos! He deserves this, and so do we for having the “patience” (though, to be honest, I dont think its a suitable word). Anyways, its gonna be great seeing him this season.

    Six Greeks in the starting lineup, not bad. I’m not saying it should be our top priority, but if we can get a healthy number of Greeks in the starting 11 and still get results, I think we’re in a good position.

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