AEK 2-0 Panserraikos

For teams like AEK, games against opponents such as Panserraikos, Kerkyra, Thrasivoulos, etc, should be MUST WINS. Three points are crucial and while we will unfortunately drop them at times in the derbies, there is no excuse to not take advantage of weaker opposition. Fortunately for us this weekend, we did manage to get all three points, and while it is still early, these three points could prove to be vital.

The starting lineup was somewhat different compared to what I was anticipating. Arabatzis started in net, Jahic covered right back, Manolas and Dellas were centre, Lagos on the left. Midfield was Kafes, Makos, and Scocco while Djebbour, Libe, and Burns (!) took care of things up front (yes, seven Greeks in the starting eleven). The lineup seemed questionable at first, and while it took a good five minutes for us to gain control of the game (I was at first worried that Panserraikos might have proven to be a tougher opponent than anticipated), things started to settle together well as time progressed. Our attack was alive! Djebbour, Libe, and Burns were all eager and there were some good plays linking up between the three. Libe was often seen feeding some deadly through passes for both Burns and Djebbour to latch onto in front of the net. It still took a while before we managed to go one up but we eventually did after Djebbour controlled a beautiful chip pass from Libe and notched it down low before the keeper could get to it (that makes it two goals in two games for him).

Eventually, fairly late in the second, Kafes scored to make it 2-0 for AEK. However, it took chance, after chance, after chance, to get the ball in the net for us. We did look very good up front, but we wont always be playing against teams like Panserraikos. We have to make sure we can finish our chances when we make them.

The biggest (and most pleasing) surprise of the first half was Burns. He has constantly showed (ever since the tournament in Sydney) that he deserves to play a bigger role in this team and today he showed why. Great runs, superb control, he was always there on the wing when we needed him but he was just as dangerous in the box. If he gets some good playing time he can become a key player for AEK.

Scocco, on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. Sure, he did come close on a couple of free kicks, and he did manage to hit the post off a corner, but the eagerness we saw in Djebbour and Libe was n0ne-existent in his passionless play. Unfortunately it looks like we’ll be seeing more of what we saw from him last season.

Lagos gave a solid performance. He was very smooth bringing the ball up to attack and his speed and ball control was far from disappointing.

The stadium was almost full (it seemed there were some unoccupied seats in the vip section) and the atmosphere from my computer screen seemed nice and intimidating, just how we like it. I personally would be all for us playing some more games here (aside from the derbies). If there were a fourth stand added Rizoupoli could prove to be a very suitable temporary solution for us (Im not suggesting AEK adds another stand but simply stating scenarios from an ideal world).

Some tension was expected between the fans regarding Bajevic. The situation was not made any better when Dusan was sent off by the referee. To be honest, I still have no idea why the referee ordered him to leave but hopefully Ill find out soon enough.


6 Responses to “AEK 2-0 Panserraikos”

  1. I was there and it was one heck of an atmosphere. We were sitting behind the Panseraikos bench which was adjacent to the AEK bench. One could hear Bajevits yelling comments to his players. I couldnt tell what kind of a reception the Originals gave him but there was cheering for him from our stand. During half time there was some nasty fighting going on between the different clubs, we had no idea what the fighting was about, and of course no one was going to go in there to separate them. They were left to sort it out on their own.

    Anyways, in my 5 years here, this was the best ever AEK home game I attended. At the end a lot of us refused to leave. It was quite something to be up that close to the event. One could see, hear every thing that was going on, the kick that Dellas received, the shouting of Bajevits at the ref. One saw and heard things that you dont see at OAKA. That includes the horrible performance once again by Scocco, his lack of passion, very limited attempts at dribbling by an opponent, passing back, obviously an attempt to get rid of the ball. We kept yelling at Bajevits to get him out of there and put Blanco in his place. At least Blanco has some “filotimo”. Anyways, its pretty sad what’s happenning with Scocco but he definitely should be benched. Its like bad stock, either shelf it or dump it and take your losses.

  2. Thanks Alex for the review and Chris for your comments.I would love for us to have Rizoupoli as our home groend all year.Much more intimidating to opposing teams than a 3/4’s empty OAKA.I thought Manolas was our best player today,didn’t put a foot wrong and his distribution from the back was 1st class.Jahic did okay as did Delas,Lagos keeps surprising as a left back.I’m glad Bajevic made the decision to drop Leonardo and start Burns,even Eder for Scocco i would have been ok with.Regarding Scocco,i didnt think he was that bad,he was heavily marked from the outset,watch the game again,every time he gets the ball there is usually 2 opponents kicking the shit out of him.But i agree,he’s gotta show more desire,especially when he loses the ball,needs to fight back for it.
    All in all happy with the 3 points and the performance,but like Alex said,teams like Panseraikos have to be beaten home and away to be title contenders.Also glad to hear Adamidis speak out about the refereeing again,because today the one we had was diabolical.

  3. what was the fights about any1 find out?

  4. Good to see we didnt drop points to another soft team. The atmosphere looked amazing in the stadium,kind of reminded me of Philadelphia for a minute or two….As for the game we played well,had chances and couldve scored more.I must say that Burns is a top player,seeing him from young in Australia the kid had talent and it was only a matter of time before ihe got recognised,I just hope Dusan gives him plenty of chances because he can score goals and create alot for us.Now lets hope we can continue winning games and be up there all season as I think its our best chance to win a title this year.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    There’s no excuse now really, Burns has more than justified some more first team football in upcoming matches. Alot of talent right there.

    Ali, I think the fights were some of the different groups fighting over Bajevic from what my Dad was saying.

  6. i hate it when fans fight with each other it serious is disgusting.
    We played extremely good, hopefully we will play like that on thursday in Europa.

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