Djebbour signs………..

Refik Djebbour has signed on with AEK until the end of season 2013.Hopefully this is the beginning as Blanco and Scocco have yet to sign and both are off contract at season’s end which will make them free agents available to sign anywhere with AEK not receiving a cent.This must not be allowed to happen.


3 Responses to “Djebbour signs………..”

  1. Awesome stuff! Hopefully Scocco follows!

  2. I read that they are offering lower salary to Blanco. Blanco is allso now the clubs “third” striker after Lympe and Djebbour thats why Im afraid that Blanco leaves this summer. what comes to Scocco he walks in the pitch so i think he should leave if he wants.

  3. I still Blanco could perform well with Libe there, but with Libe and Djebbour both on some good form, he really is our third striker. But still, he can’t really justify demanding a higher salary?

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