Ouch… Thrasivolous 1-0 AEK

I’ll be honest with all of you… this friendly completely slipped my mind! So I obviously never got to see it, however, some videos can be found here. I did hear though that Makos, unfortunately, received a potentially serious injury. Patsa might have been injured slightly as well Dadomo. I heard from some forums that both Patsa and Nasuti had a good game… always good to hear.

Eder won a penalty towards the end of the match which Blanco took… only to see his effort saved by the keeper. Regardless, I think its best we overlook this result. Its a friendly, a minor one at that, and let’s face it, we haven’t had the best of luck with Thrasivolous these past couple of seasons. Its still early though, but the team certainly will start to pick things up a bit soon… won’t they?


3 Responses to “Ouch… Thrasivolous 1-0 AEK”

  1. It was a big “aggaria” for the entire team. They didnt really want to play. Guirero was very impressive according to an AEK site.

  2. Roger Geriero played the second half and by all reports he was outstanding.The “only” real playmaker we have has just come back into the team after past indescretions that Dusan was fed up with.He’s now let him train again with the 1st team and hopefully will play a great role for us this season.I said last year that this guy is class and we need his kind desperately!!!

  3. Thanks for that Bro! Good to hear about Roger, its obvious they guy has some serious potential.

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