Borbokis attacked……

AEK’s scouter and former fan favourite Vasilis Borbokis was attacked last night at the home ground of Iraklis in Thesaloniki.He was at the ground to do his job as Iraklis was playing a friendly and are our opponents next weekend.
As Borbokis took his seat in the stands close to the Iraklis officials,a group of about 10 hooligans approached and asked him to leave.He initially refused telling the gutless mob he was merely a spectator doing his job,however this was not good enough for these lowlifes and whilst they did not hit him,thay pushed and shoved him out of the ground.All this under the noses of the useless Greek police and Iraklis officials.
It will be interesting to see if the Greek football federation EPO take any action.You can add Iraklis to the list that includes Panionios,who I’m sure will be facing a special AEK welcome to the OAKA this season.


One Response to “Borbokis attacked……”

  1. Pathetic, especially how useless the cops were!

    But I still like Iraklis alot (compared to most teams in this league), despite these ten morons. I still won’t be surprised to see if they get an interesting welcome at OAKA… regardless though, I still think they have some more work to do if they want to reach Panionios’ level, in my opinion.

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