Moras stays put….close to Yiranek……

The saga with Moras is over,Bologna want to keep him and he won’t be going to Greece.This was his first choice.Sources say we are close to signing Martin Yiranek,first choice stopper for Spartak Moscow having played over 130 games for them since 2004 and who was a part of the Czech squad for Euro 2004.
In other news,officials met with representatives of Nacho Scocco and tabled him a new extended offer worth roughly 1 million Euro’s per season plus bonuses,easily making him AEK’S highest ever paid player.His manager’s seemed impressed and informed AEK that they will have a decision by September.Hopefully this means any chance of offloading our best ball player in the transfer period is over,3 days left.


5 Responses to “Moras stays put….close to Yiranek……”

  1. I wonder how many times we’re heard Moras as supposedly being very close to us in the past few years. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back, many pros to having him back, but I guess there are other options as well.

    Shame Scocco had to act like that, but he really is an outstanding player, and if he gives more this season then I guess we can’t really complain about that deal.

  2. Looks like we’re close to Nasuti from Aris?

  3. Hey Alex,yah just saw that,apparently it’s a 1 year loan with an option to buy from River Plate.Have not seen him play before,hopefully he’s not another Arce.

  4. Nah, I think he’s a considerable upgrade over Arce. I saw him a couple times last year, impressed me enough. Who knows though, may come and dissapoint us all, but Im sure I’d rather have him there than Jahic.

  5. he is also cheap apparantly river will sell him for 800 k which is a good deal for such a player

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