Looks like we have replaced Majstorovic

Seems like we nearly have an agreement with Kew Jaliens, Dutch defender for AZ Alkmaar. Dutch papers report today that AEK told AZ they agree on the transfer money. AZ doesn’t want to have a whole lot of money for Jaliens, they just want to stop paying his salary as soon as possible. Jaliens, who has been benched since the beginning of the season, would like to leave AZ and start playing games again. He already said that he would like to play for AEK, so looks like the only obstacle is how much we can afford to pay him. Nothing yet about personal negotiations between AEK and Jaliens.

Jaliens played six seasons for AZ (and just started the seventh). He scored five goals in 155 games. Strong experienced defender. He’s a christian and very religious, seems to read something from the bible before every game. I say if that makes him a better player, please also read the bible at half time! And score some goals too. Like this one:


2 Responses to “Looks like we have replaced Majstorovic”

  1. About tonights game: Scottish fans confused. Need a translator for the first two 😉 but the last two are quite understandable.


  2. SOunds good! As long as we get someone. Dellas is getting old, and Jahic cannot be relied on.

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