Due to the dangerous playing surface, the 2nd leg of the Europa League clash between AEK and Dundee Utd will be moved from the Olympic Stadium to another as yet unannounced ground in Athens (we are hearing either Nea Smyrna or Peristeri).

AEK and UEFA officials have inspected the ground this afternoon and the decision was made to change venue. The OAKA’S grass has been recently relayed and has not settled down in time.  This was confirmed when a friendly match played on it during the weekend brought up massive tufts of grass,with the pitch resembling a mini war zone than a UEFA sanctioned 5 star stadium.

Article on the state of the pitch here from Yahoo sports.

In other news,we’re still waiting for confirmation on another central defender.It’s looking more and more like Moras will be returning “home” from Bologna in Italy,fingers crossed.Ismael Blanco is reportedly a target for Pao but AEKdeny having heard of any “official” offers.I hope this story ends up in the garbage where it belongs as a transfer i’m sure would not sit well with the fans.



  1. Yeah let’s keep Blanco! I like the guy and I have the impression he likes AEK.

  2. As for the pitch, a friend from Greece told me there is a U2 concert at OAKA this weekend? If so, that pitch will be even more destroyed. Broken record time: we need a new home ground!

  3. Don’t get me started about grass 😉 When Ajax here in Amsterdam moved to their new stadium Amsterdam Arena (with a roof that you can close), they had grass problems for years. Very funny, they needed a whole new pitch every six week (and sometimes even more). They experimented for years before they got the right grass. Lots of jokes were made about it (sadly my grass memory is not very good).

  4. Update on the Kew Jaliens story I wrote earlier. Too small for a new post I think. We spoke to his agent tonight. “Jaliens and AEK are still talking, but the negotiations are on an informal level”. I guess Kew really likes to come and play for us, but as always it’s the money. He still has a two year contract with AZ and there is ofcourse the salary issue. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Thanks for the update! I guess there will always be salary issues with this club in the near future 😦

    Looks like its gonna be tough finding a new pitch. Apparently if we go to Perrissos there wont be enough room even for our season tickets.

  6. Alright, the game will be played at Panionios’ stadium in Nea Smyrni. Better than playing in an empty karaiskaki. I can’t believe that was even considered an option.

  7. Anything would have been better than getting kicked out because of no ground but i agee Alex,never in Pireus.How this can happen astounds me.I hope AEK press for damadges against the Oaka for lost earnings,would of had a crowd of over 20,000 im’ sure.Now we can only fit about 11,000.Ridiculous situation!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Seems that everybody in Dundee got very upset about this. They were afraid the game would be moved outside Athens and were ready to sue AEK, UEFA and everybody else they could think of (Demis Roussos? Vangelis? Greek salad manufacturers?). So I’d say we win 5-0 and never talk about it anymore…

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