Dutch footballclub De Graafschap wants Hersi

Dutch top division club De Graafschap (http://www.degraafschap.nl/) wants to buy our midfielder Youssouf Hersi. Hersi, born in Ethiopia but raised in The Netherlands, played for several Dutch clubs, including Ajax and national champion FC Twente.  Manager Leen Looyen of De Graafschap knows that Hersi isn’t gonna be cheap to get, but he says the midfielder is a guarantee for several goals and just the player he needs. According to Looyen there are more clubs interested in the AEK-midfielder. Looyen hopes to do business with AEK within a few days.


3 Responses to “Dutch footballclub De Graafschap wants Hersi”

  1. Damn! Couldn’t manage to get the picture posted with the story…what did I do wrong?

  2. aekbaltimore Says:

    On the page where you post your story, right above the box where you type your text, there is a little picture of a picture, another of a video, etc. Hold your cursor over these little icons and when you find the one that says “insert picture” click on it. Its best to have the image saved to your hard drive (find a picture of Hersi, for instance, right click it and save it to hard drive). Now, back to the wordpress page, when you clike the little icon, insert the picture from your hard drive. This always works. I’ve tried to past link to image and that never works. Email me privately if you still have problems and I’ll try to take you through it step by step.

    By the way, I hope we hold on to Hersi. There were games last year, when he single-handedly ignited our attack when it looked like everyone else was sleeping. He may not be central to our plans but he is a great player to have on our squad.

  3. I agree. While do have a pretty loaded midfield and offense, he can still be a valuable player to hold on to.

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