Bajevic attacked at Kalithea….

It was a black night in the history of AEK F.C.Just after a friendly game at “El Paso” in Kalithea against the locals,in which the scoreline now seems immaterial,we lost 2-1.On 87 minutes the referee called a halt to the match when about 30 AEK Fans?? entered the playing arena and headed towards the benches where Bajevic was seated.Realising that the situation might get out of hand,he got up and started to make his way to the entrance tunnel for the players.As he was walking he was being verbally abused and manhandled by some thugs,responding himself with punches and this is where things got worse,if that was possible.He was then King hit from the side which immediately felled Bajevic,who it must be said,had no security around him at all,unbeleivable.Georgamlis,our assistant coach,was the only one on hand to help him but was powerless in being able to help.
Finally,they got Bajevic into the change rooms,but this didn’t stop the clashes with the police who were vastly outnumbered and retreated.
Following the match the President Adamidis has come out asking the fans to rid the club of the hooligan element ant to say that Bajevic won’t be going anywhere if it’s up to him and the commitee.How Bajevic feels now is uncertain,more im sure will come out in the following days.
One thing is certain,all the great momentum the team was building,looking great and preparing for our Europa League tie against the Scottish Dundee Utd,have now all gone to waste,thanks to some “so called” AEK fans.Whatever you think of Bajevic,attacking him physically for all the world to see makes us look like a joke.The name AEK must be above all and everything else.Some people just can’t see that!


7 Responses to “Bajevic attacked at Kalithea….”

  1. Can somebody explain to me how this can happen? Now all this is on video with the faces for all the world to see. I can not understand the nerve of these hooligans. When such things happen why don’t all the true fans stand up and take this garbage out of the stadium. They are all cowards who get brave when they are in a group. Did everyone forget that the stadium should be a place for celebration? I hope that we finally have seen enough of this. I also want to know what do the police and security do? How can the cradle of civilization become so uncivilized? This is a black day for AEK the super league and Greece in general. I had high hopes for this season now it is not even August 15 and I am disgusted.

  2. tiberiousgracchus Says:

    the police were stading behind bajevitz.but what the hell are these F*** Up Shi*s doing???? over a freindly??? brainless brainless..cant explain this Bull!!!

  3. They attacked one of the best people I ever know and the biggest legend of my club Velez Mostar. To attack a men who is over 60 years old is a very big shame on ORIGINAL 21!

  4. Police force inside the stadiums is generally pretty useless. It was 30 people! You’r telling me some cops with some teargas couldn’t stop them?? Bulls–t!

    And every week many fans, a very large majority, stand up chant support towards Bajevic while trying to shut these guys up, but it seems it is gonna be a very long time ’till these guys jump off the bandwaggon.

  5. AEK Baltimore Says:

    There are photos. There should be video there too. The photos and videos should be viewed by the authorities and prosecutions initiated. The clubs should view the photos and ban the offending “fans.”

    Low-life criminals need to be prosecuted and banned regardless of political affiliation, etc. Time to rid the beautiful game of its ugliest element.

  6. I don’t know if your more familiar with this rule Mike, or maybe it only exists in Greece. But Ive heard only photographs taken with a certain type of film can be used in court now because the rest are too easily edited and manipulated? Maybe its not true.

    I’m sure video can be used. And Demis used it successfully before, hopefully Adamidis will do whats right and do the same here. However, the days are winding by and I haven’t heard much.

    • aekbaltimore Says:

      No, haven’t heard about that rule. I’m familiar with chain of evidence rules, where you can discredit evidence if you can show that it wasn’t under one person or one entity’s control for the entire duration, etc., but not that only pictures from a certain kind of film can be used.

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