Kafes and Gentzoglou called up by Santos!

Kafes, who has played before for the Greek National team, will return once again while Savvas Gentzoglou will get his first call up. It is likely that both will feature in Greece’s upcoming friendly match in preparation for Euro 2012. I truly believe both of these players have something to add to the team and will both bring some much needed security and stability to our midfield.

The team returned to Athens at 7:30 this morning after their successful “Festival of Football”  matches (see AEKMAN74’s reviews of the matches below). They will play a friendly on the 7th of August against Thrasivoulos.

After Burns’ impressive performances in Australia, it now looks as if he may be part of Bajevic’s plans for the upcoming season.


5 Responses to “Kafes and Gentzoglou called up by Santos!”

  1. Hey guys!

    I’m back after holidays. Great coverage on this site about the Australia trip and the prearation of AEK. Good to be back! Thx for the photo’s and clips. And thx for the warning about the sizes of the new AEK-shirts! Will wait till they have the striped shirt in XXL 😉
    I’ll try to contribute something to the site this season.
    Oh, by the way, wrote a litlle something about PAOK-Ajax, tonights game. In Dutch I’m afraid 😉


  2. Hey!!! I was wondering a few days ago where you were. Good to see you back!

    You’d have to thank our very own Ross, aka AEKMAN74, lucky guy got to see each match live.

    I was actually looking at the Maroussi shop for the striped shirt in XXL but they only had large and smaller. Its gonna be a few days ’till they get the XL and XXL. Nice looking shirt, not the greatest quality though. I’ll still get it though.

    Who were you cheering for yesterday? Good game, but some terrible defending. Can’t believe PAOK missed both a penalty and a 1 on 1, but Ajax had some good chances in the first leg so…

  3. aekbaltimore Says:

    Hells yea Alex – I was gonna tell you to take that guy off the site! Good to have you back KGB — now get to posting! Between the four of us we should be able to get something up close to every day.

  4. @alexaek Hard time who to cheer for. I don’t like Ajax a bit, arrogant nitwits, but I’m not a huge PAOK fan either (undertatement). So I hoped for none of them to get to the next round 😉

    @aekbaltimore: Aye Aye Sir!

  5. Hahaha AEKBaltimore. But yeah, four of us working on the site, especially with me leaving for Canada today, will be a good thing. Hopefully we’ll have enough sources to cover all the info. I know I can keep an eye on news and transfers in Greece, with my Dad helping. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch every league match, even if it means watching on a site.

    That’s what I was thinking KGB, wasn’t sure how you felt about Ajax though.

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