AEK 1 Glasgow Rangers 0…..and take out the Festival Of Football Tournament….

Our beloved team showed once again,for a third time in Australia,that the fans have alot to be exciited about for the upcoming season.Facing the Champions of Scotland on the last day of a great week of football,mostly played by AEK,Bajevic began with Saja in goal,Jahic at right back,Karabelas left,Manolas and Dellas central.Kafes was rested so Makos and Gentsoglou were the holding midfielders,Leonardo and Scocco played wide and kept changing sides all night.Up front Blanco on his own with Libe tucked in just behind.
The 1st half was pretty non eventful for Aek,Libe had a shot well saved,a couple of half sort of chances,if that.The boys seemed tired after a long week of jet lag,training hard,official functions and throw in 3 games.However,our passing and movement off the ball meant we controlled the game,even if the ball in the final third often went astray.Rangers themselves did create some chances,mainly with set pieces,as the marshalling of Dellas at the back,meant they couldnt create much on the ground and had to really on long balls into the area.
The second half was pretty much going the same way until Bajevic introduced Burns for Blanco,who had a quiet match,and Eder,with the Enosis starting to look more dangerous.We were having a good little 5 min spell with plenty of pressure on the Rangers defense,when Leonardo released Karabelas down the left,his pinpoint cross found an unmarked Burns and his sweetly timed header found the back of the net.The boys from Original Sydney and Melbourne,went crazy and even though we were outnumbered by Rangers fans easily,we were much louder and constant throughout the game,and realising we might not see AEK again for a while,everyone in our section gave their heart and soul for the team,especially the last 10 min,which i know from speaking with many of them,that they appreciated.
The game finished and AEK won it’s first trophy for the season.I’m optimistic because ive seen first hand the football the boys are playing and the desire in the jersey.Everyone is playing well and onve Papa Boupa and Djebbour catch up to speed,we’ll be almost unstoppable.Thank you AEK for an amazing week,one which us stin XENITIA,will never forget.Some more photo’s,hope you enjoy………….


4 Responses to “AEK 1 Glasgow Rangers 0…..and take out the Festival Of Football Tournament….”

  1. Awesome pics mate!!!! Can’t wait for the start of the season!

  2. AEK Baltimore Says:

    Very cool mate. Any of those pics have you in it?

  3. AEK Baltimore Says:

    Very cool mate. Any of those pics have you in it? You’re the bald guy, aren’t ya?! Hahaha, i’ve got the same haircut

  4. aekman74 Says:

    hey buddy how are you?Long time no hear.Thats me alright,the goodlooking bald dude.Had a blast while AEK was here as you can probably tell,really looking forward to the season,high hopes this year!

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