AEK Dance In The Rain in Sydney………………………….

AEK’s domination of the innaugural Festival Of Football tournament,continued on Wednesday night at the Sydney Football Stadium against Premier Legue Blackburn,winning 2-1,and just about wrapping up the major prize.The match was played in relentless rain,which did not stop all day,however the playing surface held up extremelly well,allowing for AEK to totally dominate Blackburn,for long periods,with our crisp,sharp,passing and moving off the ball,which has had the Australian Press calling AEK the best team here by far.
About 70 Original 21 Melbourne and Sydney supporters braved the conditions and did not stop singing and dancing throughout.A real party atmosphere provided for the Enosis.
Bajevic made afew changes to the team that easily accounted for Sydney FC 3 days earlier.Saja went in goals,Georgeas for Jahic at right back,Manolas(who i met earlier in the day,great kid) was rested for Dellas,Makos came in for Gentzoglou and Burns for Blanco,playing the lone striker role,with Libe just behind.Basically a 4-2-3-1,favoured by most teams it seems like these days.To emphasize AEK’s dominance in the match,after 35 min we enjoyed 65 % possesion,resorting Blackburn to a physical game,they came off second best.The team is playing extremelly well,quick passing forward of the ball to feet,plenty of width and movement,structure,work(never seen Scocco run so much) and a real understanding of each other.The 1st goal after 20 min showed this.We won the ball just outside our penalty area,and with a beautiful little triangle involving Leonardo and Kafes,the ball was played to Burns,who made a great run to the edge of the area,stopped and played a trailling Kafes who then cheekily backheeled to Libe,1 touch square to Scocco who turned inside his defender and scored with his shot.Beautiful,magic even!!!
We did not have to wait long to celebrate another goal when 4 minutes later,we had a throw in near the Blackburn box,Burns found Leonardo,who with an early low delivery into the area caught their defence napping,but LIBE was wide awake,and with a first time shot,hit sweetly,found the net.2 Nil and the singing from the originals got louder,if that was possible.
The rest of the 1st half was all AEK,not so much with chances as we didn’t need to create,but with possesion and general domination of a team which costs four times more than the AEK.
The second half was not much different,i can remember Burns having a golden chance wasted before being replaced by Eder.
All i all a great display by the team so early on in the season,in terrible conditions.Standouts for me once again were Libe,Scocco,Kafes with Burns Makos,Georgeas,Majstorovic having strong games.In fact everyone played well,two games now and all players it seems are finally playing for the cause.
Here’s some pics from the last two games and training sessions…….


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