Sydney Airport Erupts……and first training session.

AEK arrived in Sydney at 8pm local time.By the time the players had cleared customs it was another hour.About 200 AEK fans were on hand to greet the team,the Original boys from Melbourne joined their Sydney brothers and with others coming from all over Australia.The players looked very tired after their 20 hour flight but with the singing from the fans,the boys were made to feel very welcome.There were afew barbs thrown at Bajevic who shrugged them off,although the team did look a little perplexed.The team travelled to Belmore Sports Ground to train Saturday afternoon and once again plenty of local Originals were on hand.The trained for a little over an hour,alot of running and some 7 versus 4 ballwork.Papa Boupa and Djebbour trained with the “reserves”,who trained abit longer than the 1st team still trying “to catch up on their fitness.After training most players gathered to sign autographs and take pictures with the Aussie AEK fans.Interested to see with what starting 11 Bajevic goes with tomorrow,Aek v Sydney fc 12:45 pm kickoff SFS!


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