Papastathopoulos to AC Milan!

Sokratis Papastathopoulos, without a doubt one of the biggest prospects in Greek football, and former AEK defender, will soon seal the deal on a move to Italian giants AC Milan. He previously played for Genoa and had two very successful seasons with the club (he started often, was loved by the fans, and from what I saw gave some memorable performances). In addition, he played remarkably well in Greece’s World Cup match against Argentina, greatly reducing the threat from Superstar Lionel Messi.

I’m not sure about the details yet. I’ve heard its a loan (which I find surprising and don’t quite believe) yet Milan will still pay seven million euros for his services. Either way, AEK will benefit as there is a clause in his contract which states that AEK gets a certain amount from his next transfer. Reports I’ve heard have said we will get approximately 800,000 euros, not a bad amount at all.

I can’t wait to see him get some playing time with Milan (assuming the deal is actually completed which it is not as of yet). The kid is incredibly talented and a move to such a huge club at this age (only 22 years old) his great for him as well as the future of Greek football. I am certain that he will impress and, if he doesn’t manage to become a starter (it won’t be easy), he will surely get some time.

Previous AEK defenders have done quite well in recent years at well known Italian clubs. Moras has had three successful years with Bologna where he has played often and managed to score a few goals. More notable, however, is Traianos Dellas . The centre back had three very good years with Italian giants Roma where he managed to secure playing time while becoming a fan favorite.


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