AEK 2-0 Unirea!!

So, for some reason (Nova claims it has nothing to do with them), the match was not broadcasted on television (technical problems in Austria). Instead, I had to follow the match with updates from various sites. None the less, what I read sounds very pleasing! Many reports are saying we played incredible football, especially for this early in the pre-season. We had possesion, created chances, sounds like Libe, Scocco, and Leonardo all had good games, and things just generally really pleased the reporters who watched the match live. Incredible news for all of us, especially considering Unirea (who, by the way, didn’t get their first shot on AEK until the 60th minute) are Romanian champions least year and are preparing for Champions League football this upcoming season.

Nova has said they will show the match in the upcoming days, so hopefully I can watch it and get a report of my own. Two videos are available however, showing each of the goals. The football being played in the first video was very attractive if I may say so myself.

Yes, that was Dellas who scored from a direct free kick!



One Response to “AEK 2-0 Unirea!!”

  1. Great result for AEK…I hope they come to Sydney and do the exact same to all the teams they play here.Good to see Libe back in our colours and that free kick by Dellas,I never new he could hit them so well hahaha…..

    Original 21 Sydney!!!

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