The Colossus is back (and the new kit is “revealled”)

Traianos Dellas has once again returned to AEK, and it’s official. I’m sure there will be many mixed opinions about this, and perhaps rightfully so, but as of right now I’m pleased with this (it is thankfully only a one year deal). I know its been repeated many times on here but guys like Dellas and Libe back in our change rooms will hopefully bring unity, calm, dedication, and many other desirable traits to the rest of the players. These players know the fans, they understand what the badge means and they know just how much a match against, say, Olympiakos means. Despite their age, they will (at least Libe) give 100% each match and hopefully some of that will wear off onto other players around.

Also, the singing of Dellas comes as news has gotten out that Majstorovic has been told to search for offers from other teams. Majstro is being payed more than most players on the team at the moment and normally I would not complain, but his performances this season on average were below average. He was careless, arrogant with the ball, and sloppy. I suppose I still like him and don’t exactly wish for him to leave yet but if he can bring in a good offer it really must be considered by the board (assuming we can find a suitable replacement because I don’t see Dellas playing 90 minutes each match). Shame we got rid of Papastathopoulos. Having him as well as Manolas and Dellas as our options for centre-back would have been extremely reassuring.

Below are some pictures from yesterday showing Dellas with our new tops which technically makes it “official”.

I personally like the kit, very sharp looking. No Eagle watermark on the shoulder as were hoping but all hope is not yet lost; as was pointed out on forums, the new Sporting Puma kit has a lion watermark so we shall see….


9 Responses to “The Colossus is back (and the new kit is “revealled”)”

  1. aek21ali Says:

    Without Araujo,Majorsotrivc, Geraldo our defense is f*cked. We only have Manolas,dellas and jahic for center back. And only Georgeas for right back

  2. alexaek Says:

    Majstorovic might still be around next season, seems like talk about him has died down a bit. Also, Gentzoglou can play cb, but I much rather him in midfield.

    I’m sure if Araujo does leave the team will find a replacement, there is now way we can rely on Georgeas for the whole season, as much as I like him.

  3. aekbaltimore Says:

    As for the kit, if you look on the official AEK site, there is a teaser on the store page. It shows illustrations of the three kits and it looks like the all yellow kit is going to be off the same template as the Uruguay national team. Where the Uruguay light blue kit has a pattern of small Uruguay suns sublimated on the front of the jersey, it appears our yellow jersey will have a similar pattern made up of the double-headed eagle. If so, I think this will be a very nice jersey indeed and I will probably opt for that one over the striped one (the black shoulder patch is just too blank looking without a number).

  4. alexaek Says:

    Thanks for the tip Mike, I hadn’t noticed that yet.

    Of those three kits Ive only seen the Blue and Striped one before, had no idea about that yellow one. But I actually like that one quite a bit, especially with the Eagles as you pointed out!

  5. aekbaltimore Says:

    I am starting to think the yellow jersey will be the exact same one as last year…the drawing on the web-site teaser certainly looks a but different but when you click through to where you can purchase it, they indicate the 09/10 jersey is also the 10/11…

  6. alexaek Says:

    Yeah, that’s true! Never noticed it. Interesting. We’ll have to see I guess. It does look different from the sketch, but I don’t know. I wish we could some how contact someone within AEK, but I guess we’ll find out shortly. I can’t imagine it being much longer until they have the press conference where they release the kits.

  7. aekinnewjersey Says:

    Any update on the yellow jersey? If it’s the same template as the Uruguay jersey, I’d love to pick it up. Any reliable places for info outside the AEK shop?

  8. AEKBaltimore, is a reliable source since I believe he already purchased and received the kit. I’ll notify him of your comment.

  9. aekbaltimore Says:

    Although its not the same exact template as the Uruguay jersey, it is somewhat similar. It appears to be the same as last year, minus the sponsor on the front. Because the sponsor is not on the front, the sublimated double-headed eagle design is more apparent and looks very nice — similar to how the Uruguay jersey looked with the sublimated Sun design.

    Be warned, however, that this jersey runs VERY small. And I’m not talking slim fit small. THe sleeves are small, the body barely extends down to your waist, etc. Its as if they cut as much material as possible. I would order one or even two sizes up. I normally wear an XL (I am between an L and an XL, usually an XL) and I can’t wear the jersey they sent me.

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