First Training Session

AEK held its first training session of the season at Thrakomakedones today though with a smaller than usual squad (others will be showing up slowly). Regardless, four of our new signings were present today including Liberopoulos. He sounded confident that we can do something good this season. As happy as I am to hear that I don’t know if I’m as confident. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to have some faith in the boys. There is alot of young talent on our team (Manolas, Gentzoglou, Arabatzis, Argyriou) plus experienced veterans (Kafes, Liberopoulos) and others who have proven on more than one occasion that they are capable of something special.

However, we still need someone special in midfield, someone similar to Rivaldo. Obviously, this is not news for us as we have seen our weaknesses there for the past two seasons, but I really believe if we can get someone strong for that position we will see a much different and improved team (with a Rivaldo like player feeding Libe, Blanco, and Djebbour quality passes we can expect the goals to come).

Oh well, this is up to management to decide. However, if they want season ticket sales to improve they will have to sign that “bam” transfer that every team looks for come summer time. Sales have picked up however they are still far from the amount sold at this time last season.

The signing of Diop is still apparently close (but its been that way for a few weeks now…). I know that AEKBaltimore isn’t happy about this signing. I personally have not seen enough of the player to make a decision so who knows, maybe AEKBaltimore is right. Wouldn’t surprise me considering some of the wasted transfer we’ve done these past couple of years (Juanfran especially comes to mind).


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