Greece 0-2 Korea

I had little hopes for this Greece team before the World Cup actually started and now I have none. Despite terrible choices by Otto the players were sloppy and not until the final minutes showed much interest in scoring. We were outclassed and it was obvious early on. Un-inspirational play but it doesn’t help that a Liverpool centre-back (Kyrgiakos) and a Serie-A starting centre-back (Papastathopoulos) don’t start the match. Instead, Vyntra and Avraam start and to make things worse Patsatzoglou is brought in at half time. I’ve given up on Otto.

Now I know there were no AEK players playing today but did any of our readers see the AEK banner put up in the stadium today? Awesome stuff and it read: “ΑΕΚ εδώ, ΑΕΚ εκεί, ΑΕΚ και στην Αφρική” which translates roughly to “AEK here, AEK there, and AEK in Africa”. You gotta love AEK supporters!

Here’s a song by a fantastic Greek band, Locomondo, to get us in the spirit of the World Cup! Check out some of their other stuff as well if your into Reggae and Rock. A great band live as well.

Despite the miserable loss today I must say I’m glad the World Cup is finally here after months of waiting! And there are still plenty great matches to be played.

Other results from the first two days were:

South Africa 1-1 Mexico

Uruguay 0-0 France

Korea Republic 2-0 Greece

Argentina 1-0 Nigeria

England 1-1 USA

And finally, for anyone who enjoys working with Excel worksheets (I personally can’t get enough of them!) this worksheet is extremely useful for the World Cup. Enjoy 🙂


5 Responses to “Greece 0-2 Korea”

  1. I just recently got back from the World Cup it was an amzing experience but very sad about the team that was chosen each game.It was obvious there were problems in the dressing rooms with the oach as the players didnt seem they wanted to play.

    As for the AEK sign in the stadium,I actually met those guys that had the sign and they were from South Africa and had the sign up in the first 2 games,I dont think they travelled for the Argentina game but atleast the sign was shown!!!!!
    I also made TV holding an AEK flag vs Nigeria which was a night none of us that were there will ever forget…

    Now we await AEK to arrive in Sydney in a couple of weeks for a week of chaos here!!!!!

  2. alexaek Says:

    Awesome stuff!

    Definitely a shame, but I have faith now in Santos, we’ll see though.

    Actually, I remember seeing an AEK flag during the match! Pointed it out to my father and friend who I was with but they both missed it! Great stuff to see though!

    I can’t wait to see some videos of the AEK fans down under, I imagine they will not dissapoint 🙂

  3. Yeah those AEK flags were definetly mine re…

    As for AEK coming here we are getting ready to unleash chaos and show these malakies here how to have a party in the stands Original 21 style!!!!

  4. alexaek Says:

    Etsi re, light that place up! Nobody does things quite like the Originals!

    Any word on some new chants being prepared down there or is it going to be mostly the classics?

  5. Ela,

    We are probably sticking to the usual chants,we are waiting for the Melbourne boys to come up here and then we can decide and organise everything then.

    Cant wait not long to go now,27 years of waiting for AEK is nearly over!!!!

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