AEK’s New Kit

Somehow, Sportarena has confirmed our new kit for the upcoming season. There is alot of criticism going around but I still like the striped kit though it is a shame the Eagle will be missing from the right sleeve. The second kit (the blue one) I am not a fan of however. The design is boring and I am not a fan of the colours. The 1st kit hasn’t been revealed yet as far as I can tell.

I assume the official revealing of the kits will be some time near the end of the pre season training in Austria. The shirts can be seen here and here.

The Second kit for the upcoming season

Our next alternate kit

No more signings have been confirmed lately though there have been plenty of rumours thrown around. Last I heard, things were not looking good with Geovanni. Regardless, a number of other players are being looked.

Original21 have announced their support for the Iraklis fans who are being forced to see their team face possible relegation due to large debts. I must say I support the cause one hundred percent. Iraklis are one of the more historic clubs in this championship and are a team capable of giving any other team in this league a run for their money. Hopefully they will manage to stay up another year.


One Response to “AEK’s New Kit”

  1. aek21ali Says:

    i have a feeling the shirt that will be released end of pre season training, will be much different. Last year the same thing happened they predicted the designs but it came different.

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