AEK To Tour Down Under…..

It’s official,Our beloved Aek will be taking a trip to Australia,to partake in a mini tournament.The team will be arriving on the 24th of July.Most likely,they will play Sydney FC and either Blackburn or Everton,who both will also be in Australia at the same time.Match opponents,times and where our players will be landing(either Sydney or Melbourne) still to be confirmed,but the tour as a whole has been confirmed on AEK’S website.This is great news for the thousands of ORIGINALS in Australia,who will be watching our beloved team for the 1st time in Australia since 1979.On that Occasion,Aek played 2 games against a select state sides(provinces).Against NSW a 5-5 draw at the old Sydney Sports Ground(yours truly was a 6yr old on the terraces that day)and a 1 nil win versus Victoria at Olympic Park in Melbourne.A certain Dusan Bajevic was our striker in those days,great memories.


One Response to “AEK To Tour Down Under…..”

  1. i am still in 2nd heaven….cant believe it!!!\

    i will be their chauffeur from the airport….

    aek forever

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