After all these years we finally lost to PAOK.

I left this game for so late because, well, I don’t really feel like talking about it. We played terrible, like a bunch of amateurs. It was obvious PAOK weren’t putting all their effort into the match yet they still out played us. We played with no direction, no passion. We had Scocco waste a penalty shot which was saved by their keeper.

Anyways, thats really enough about that match if you dont mind. Now, thankfully for us, Olympiakos drew to Aris, 0-0 in Karaiskaki. Fortunately for us Olympiakos also looked quite terrible. And, even better, they have fourteen (!) players out on injury. Nikopolidis, Derbyshire, Torosidis, Dudu, Lua Lua, Leonardo, and, unless things have changed recently, many others. Great news for us, it pretty much means Olympiakos will play their B- team. This means that if AEK play this match the way they did at the 4-2 with Aris I firmly believe we can get a very comfortable win. Of course, this is not a guarantee, but it’s quite likely in my opinion.

The winner of tomorrow’s match finishes second in the playoffs, which means more time to prepare for Europa League Qualifiers and easier qualifying groups. A draw however would mean Olympiakos would finish second. The ideal result after tomorrow for me would be a win for AEK (obviously) and a win for Aris which would mean Olympiakos finishes last in the playoffs. I cannot describe in words the joy I would have at seeing that happen (we all know, afterall, that playoffs were made for teams like Olympiakos and Pao).

Djebbour will not play tomorrow since the Algeria coach wanted the entire team to start World Cup preparations and would not let anybody be late. I believe Majstorovic will not be playing but Kafes should which will help things for us in the middle of the pitch.


3 Responses to “PAOK 1-0 AEK”

  1. If we play like against Paok it doenst matter how many injuries they have. Greetings from a sunny Greece btw. Not able to make the game tommorrow 😦

  2. alexaek Says:

    Too bad! It should be a decent atmosphere if we get as many people as the fans want. I wish and pray to God its a huge crowd but I wont be surprised if it isn’t.

    That’s the thing with this team, no consistency at all! Your right though, we play like we did on Sunday, we’re getting nothing out of the game!

  3. Graekus Says:

    Olympiakos 4th..ah dreams dreams…why we just dont have a combined determination i dont know..just hope we wake up for the final push.Forza Aris and Forza AEKKKK !

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