Champions League Dreams Smashed

So, we drew 1-1 with Aris in Thessaloniki while PAOK beat Olympiakos 1-0, in Karaiskaki! To be honest I only watched the final half hour of the match but from what I heard it was pretty uneventful, especially the first half which ended 0-0. I will say though that the football I saw from our team was not the same football we played five days before. The players didn’t exactly play bad, but it seemed they had no intention on making any chances to score. Leonardo did impress once again though, and he scored our only goal in the 93rd minute. Djebbour also had a goal which was called offside. Now, it was extremely close, I would say exactly on the line. Maybe the ref saw it from a bad angle, maybe he had some other intentions, but the goal should have stood in my opinion, a goal which could have changed things and possibly lit the creative spark that was so badly missing from our team that game.

Regardless, I wont go into much detail on the match. If anyone saw the whole game please do leave a comment below.

Now that we’re out of champions league (as well as Olympiakos!) we have the second playoff spot still left to fight for. We win against PAOK in Toumba and it can all be decided on the final game, AEK against Olympiakos at home. If we lose however and Olympiakos win against Aris then it will all be over and we will have to end up fighting for third playoff spot. However, Olympiakos played a terrible match against PAOK, and it is possible they may only get one point in the match at most (do remember that Olympiakos have scored only 2 goals these playoffs, both against us). In addition to this, PAOK have already guaranteed Champions League, so perhaps they may take it easy in our game, perhaps play some players who dont regularly start. After all, there really is no point in risking injury or fatigue in a match which means nothing to them. Of course, this is wishful thinking, but who knows.


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