Dusan Bajevic

Ok, I know it’s still early and there are still four games left in the playoffs so the poll will be up for a month in case you want to vote but prefer to wait until the playoffs are done.

However, the discussion will eventually start so it might as well start now. This season has been a disaster for us. Some might say it was Bajevic’s fault (starting Makos too many times for instance) since he is after all a pretty stubborn guy. However, the blame could also be put on the players. Sure, we saw them play some great football at times such as the win against Kavala and the win in Karaiskaki… but then we saw games such as the one last night, where it seemed the players were putting in no effort at all.

Regardless of how we, the fans, feel it seems our president has already been looking at possible replacements. Some papers were even saying he was talking with Valverde! While a change with the coach may help the situation, I personally believe there are many other problems regarding the club which take a higher priority at this point in time.

Vote if you want, or leave a comment below with your opinion. Don’t forget though, there are still four games, a possible twelve points, remaining for us in the playoffs.


14 Responses to “Dusan Bajevic”

  1. aek21ali Says:

    I Believe it is 50% players fault 50% bajevic fault. Bajevic is stuborn and plays jahic instead of gkentsoglou or roger. and the players really dont give a s**t about Aek

  2. alexaek Says:

    He is very stubborn, unfortunate really since there is alot of talent on the team not getting decent chances at times while mediocre players like Jahic and sub-par players like Makos start regularly.

    Rumours are saying we’re looking or talking with a possible replacement. I’m not sure of the details, I’ll have to get more info. This is the guy:


  3. VasAek Says:

    I cant believe this is being discussed, seems we have a short memory,

    the season was a disaster because

    1) The first few games of the season the referees robbed us putting us out of contention and killing team morale (cant beleive everyone has forgotten those matches)
    2) Administration problems, President problems, Owner problems , fans taking over offices
    3) Players not getting paid, I think somewhere i read one had to borrow money to catch a cab (not sure if thats true but the fact that it was a rumour is shameful)

    The fact that Bajevic held the team together and stuck by the team in these ridiculous circumstances is a demonstration he should stay, what now that we look like we got our shit together we are going to kick him to the curve? Give him a chance with a problem free season..

    we as AEK supporters are the stubborn ones, with short memories…

  4. We need to discuss these things because, well, because this is a fan blog and that is what we do!

    Also, things are never simple guys. This season has been the opposite of simple, but many things have contributed to our current predicament.

    I would like to rise above the details for a moment and just point to two things I’ve ready recently. One was an article in a British paper and one is the book Soccernomics. In both places, the authors come to a similar conclusion: long-term management stability is essential to success. TOo many clubs never give their managers enough time to mold the team to their likeness. Look at Ferguson and Wenger. Those clubs are successful because they’ve had long-terms, stable management. Look at Fulham! This was a club that went through a manager every nine months but now, with Hodgon’s steady had at the helm for several years, they are in the Europa final for gods sake.

    AEK will never achieve its full potential until a competent manager (does not have to be an exceptional manager; just a competent one) is given control of the club for several years with full backing from the front office. We can’t sack our gaffer every year.

  5. alexaek Says:

    VasAek, I don’t understand your point. If we are all gonna be that way then we might as well blame the league for screwing us over causing us to lose the Championship we deserved. Or how about we blame the players for giving up a 1-0 lead against Aris late in the game that season to lose the championship. Or lets blame management for hiring Donis, the countless thieves that walked through our club stealing millions of euros in the process.

    Fact is, those things are done, as are most of the things you mentioned. They cannot be changed, they have been discussed numerous times… However, whether we like it or not, our current management is discussing a new coach, even if they have not confirmed rumours. Therefore, it is worthwhile discussing the situation, simple as that.

    And nobody has forgotten those games. I was at both and the memory is still very much alive. But the refs robbed us, as they do every season, as they always will. There is no point bringing that up here, that’s an entirely different discussion.

    I’m one of the biggest Dusan supporters you will find. I haven’t agreed with all his decisions this season, but yes, he has stuck through alot, and has given up offers to coach national teams even when he wasn’t being paid. I don’t blame this season on him at all but rather on management, who failed to bring in any players who could make a difference on the pitch.

    AEKBaltimore, I couldn’t agree more. If we gave Dusan the time to develop his team he could work wonders. But Greek teams rarely work that way, as sad as it is to see. And AEK, with the management we had lately, won’t be providing the backing he needs, not any time soon at least. The guy knows football and loves the club. If he had owners who were willing to spend the money on the right players rather than sub-par ones like Jahic, Makos, and Leo, I can only imagine where we would be right now.

  6. alexaek Says:

    Anyways, Vas, I do agree 100%, Dusan deserves more than anyone to still be at the club come next season.

  7. aek21ali Says:

    if we do decide to sack bajevic, the best option is kostenoglou

  8. I looked over my post again after the replies and just wanted to clarify it wasnt an attack on this blog, i understand that you are discussing it because it is being discussed in the wider AEK community, therefore you have the right to discuss it here.

    My post was more of a “we should keep him, I cant beleive the wider community of AEK, Supporters, Papers, Committee is discussing this” rather than a blog specific attack.

    Regardless, yes he has made mistakes however it wasnt a easy situation to coach in and mistakes are expected under the pressure. AEK have bigger problems that need fixing and as mentioned putting a new coach in place will just add another set of obstacles to the mix.

  9. alexaek Says:

    Alright, no worries 🙂

    I agree completely. Dusan is the least of our worries right now. The guy has been involved with AEK on so many occasions, understands the history, and had proven before when he has the required players he can turn AEK into a very successful team.

    Anyways, I don’t understand this grudge Adamidis has with Bajevic, I personally have not heard enough of the details. Either way, he has no right. He just came into the club, he’s some young hot shot who has little experience with AEK, and he wants to get rid of the one man that can keep us alive at this moment? I don’t get it.

    As for aek21ali’s post, it’s tricky. I mean, we have to bear in mind that Kostenoglou took over a club with the right mix of young and talented youth (Papastathopoulos and Blanco), experience (Ribo, Dellas), players who fought for the badge (Dellas, Zikos, Libe…) and an excellent midfield. The team he would take over now, unless we see some drastic changes during the summer (unlikely) is nothing compared to that team.

    Still, I hope Dusan stays. All we need is to improve the talent in the midfield, get a more reliable centre-back, and see some of the stability we saw early April and late March. We have no midfield, Scocco is causing problems and ripping supporters further apart, management is not pleasing the fans which is increasing tension and pressure on the pitch, overall its a terrible time for any coach. But Dusan is the best available, at least within our reach.

  10. aek21ali Says:

    I think this summer we must buy a center midfield, and a left defender, center defender. If Scocco wants to leave, we should sell him, its not like he will play good, if we force him to stay. we should also keep Djebour at all costs, he is the best attacker we have.

  11. Am on holiday but couldn’t resist to have a look here (ofcourse).
    AEKBaltimore said it all: long term management is the key to succes. Look at collge basketball for example: 10 or 12 year contracts for the headcoach. That way you can build your succes. But as I said: agree with every word AEKBaltimore wrote.
    BTW, will travel to Greece next week (if there’s no strike, fingers crossed). Rhodes and maybe Athens. If that works out I’ll catch a live game.

  12. aek21ali Says:

    Next Week on sunday it is aek olympiakos at 21:15.
    http://www.aekfctickets.gr/ u can buy tickets online, or on the day of the match outside the metro station Irini

  13. Thanks a lot for the information Ali!

  14. aek21ali Says:

    No problem mate. actually now with the riot’s the scduele’s got messed up. next week there will be no aek game :(, however if u are in athens u can see olympiakos-aris. which is next week

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