Guess what? We’ve been robbed!

Ok, we were terrible today. We did turn things up a bit in the second half which ended with Nemeth messing up a sitter. But aside from that, we were terrible, and lucky.

However, we scored a PERFECTLY LEGIT goal, scored by the Great Manolas yet for some reason (oh wait, there is a reason and we all know it), it was dissalowed by the ref. Had the goal stood we would have gained a point and held oly back by two. Instead, we gained nothing and our chances of seeing Champions League football are pretty much over.

Now, we were terrible (I think I’ve mentioned this already?) today. Our defense was useless, especially Majstorovic. The principles of man marking, a basic defending technique, seemed to have completely slipped the minds of Majstorovic and Lagos. Had they done that properly however, both Oly goals could have been avoided.

Nonetheless, Oly had four posts throughout the game and with a little more concentration and better finishing they could have been up by three or four come the final whistle. However, the score does not take into consideration the number of times the post has been hit but rather the number of goals scored. So technically, we should have had a point from this game.

Anyways, not much can be said. We were terrible. Oly was not that much better but we were so bad that they looked good. The ref robbed us. Simple. I’m really quite angry and annoyed at the moment and to be honest my concentration is not 100 percent. I’ll post a vid when it’s available showing our goal scored. Other than that, all I can say is we better get ready for some more Europa League football this summer. Once again, I appologize for tonight’s post, my mind is just everywhere at the moment. I’ll write a more organized report tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Guess what? We’ve been robbed!”

  1. I still would like to know what the penalty was????? Both side played bad but i hate loseing to this bunch it is always something. I also hate the announcers always against us.

  2. alexaek Says:

    It is always something, I doubt that’s ever going to change. I can’t remember a match with these guys when it wasn’t something. First the offside goal at the last match that was allowed, the Malberg handball penalty when they played at our home which was not called… always something.

    As for the announcers, that’s what happens on NET. I hate when our games or on NET, despite it being a public station, the announcers always show favoritism, and its so obvious.

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