New Kits!

So AEK365 (sorry, only Greek link available at the moment) has got some info regarding our new kits for the upcoming season. I can’t guarantee how true it is though I’m assuming it is. Anyways, good news in my opinion! We will be returning to the Yellow and Black stripes we saw with Nike in the 2002 season. Personally, I’ve always liked these kits and thought they looked very sharp with stripes in those colours, and I don’t think these ones will disappoint, at least not  in comparison to what we’ve seen in recent years.

The kit will look like the kit below (The Ghana national team kit).

Ghana National Team Kit- Possible template for AEK?

A photoshopped version of our new kit. NOTE: This is not official.

The kits should be available in July. Our second kit (it looks like we will only have two this season instead of three) will be blue I believe, though I’m not certain.


2 Responses to “New Kits!”

  1. Yeah, nice kits! Thanks for that ^^

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