Yet Another Huge Win For AEK!!

AEK makes it two for two with PAOK this season before we face them another two times in the playoffs. Blanco, who has scored in his last four games in Toumba, scored the only goal of the match after a fantastic display by AEK (especially in the second half).

It’s late here however, and I could use some sleep so I’ll post a proper match report after school tomorrow. Until then, let’s all enjoy this lovely win by our team that proved once again what they are capable of when they play as a team and focus on their goal.

Lucky goal, sure, but doesn’t matter, that’s what Blanco is there for. Let Scocco and Djebbour do the fancy work but Blanco is there to knock those balls in the net when it matters most!

We actually had some FANTASTIC chances to score in the second half but Chalkias made some incredible saves to keep the score low.


6 Responses to “Yet Another Huge Win For AEK!!”

  1. aek21ali Says:

    What a disgrace, did you see them throwing bottles at blanco?

  2. Yeah, saw that. I guess they were just bored of seeing Blanco score against them, time for someone else 😛

  3. Lucky goal? Yeah maybe. But what a great reflex by Blanco, kicking that ball midair between two defenders. This is where you see that he’s really good. As for the botlles: bring them on!!! May Blanco score and score and score and may (plastic) bottles rain on him!

  4. Your right, certainly great finishing on Blanco’s part, reminded me of the Blanco from two years ago! I just meant lucky with regards to the circumstances and the goalkeeper mistakes.


  5. @alex: sure I know you meant that and you’re right. There was no criticism in my question mark, do not want to sound like I know best (which I never do ;-))

  6. Haha, I knew what you meant also. No worries!

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