Adamidis is now president!

It’s official as of yesterday, Adamidis is now president. And he’s made a bunch of promises and some of these promises include: he will make war with any of AEK’s enemies (right now there are many), he will do all that he can for a stadium in Nea Filadelfia, and others. Of course, these are all just promises, but no action has yet been taken. Sure, it’s still early, but Greece is a place where many promises are made but never fulfilled. If he acts on what he says this will certainly only be good news for the team. But whether anything will be done is something none of us can truly know.

Progress has been made on the training ground and the deal has been agreed upon. As of right now, the rent will be 600,000 euros a year for the two artificial turf fields (this is still considerably less than what we are paying for the terrible pitch at Thrakomakedones). Later on, once a third field is added with stands for fans the rent will be around 700,000 euros a year. After a certain number of years (I believe 17) the modern training center will belong only to AEK. Good news, at least they managed to agree to something. Now, the sooner we get training there the better.


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