AEK 1-0 Ergotelis

So, the good news? Three points and our fourth win in a row!
Bad news? Terrible performance!

Djebbour celebrating his game winning goal against Ergotelis

Djebbour celebrating his game winning goal against Ergotelis

We started off on pretty solid ground. We were controlling things for the most part, though Ergotelis were still moving forward at times. Eventually, the first, and only, goal came. Djebbour scored the goal with some superb control (nothing Blanco could ever pull off, though I still love the guy).

Shortly after this though we began to take things a little slower and pressured less if I remember correctly. And from this point on it was only downhill. We came out in the second half as if we were sitting on a four goal lead. No attacking desire at all was showed by our players. Blanco had even gone back to playing right back for a while! The players didn’t realize that a) Ergotelis has some dangerous players up front and b) in football, a one goal lead means nothing! (anyone who watched the Canada- Slovakia game last night would know that things can turn around quickly in sports).

I’m not going to go into to much detail. Hopefully, it was just a fluke. Before today we had seen some nice football from our players. Maybe they got a little too confident, thought they could handle anything now. I’m not sure, but hopefully come next match they will remember the fans booing them today when they insisted on sitting back and defending rather than attacking.

As for the players:

-Saja was pretty solid. Bajevic didn’t know who to start with since he now has two great keepers at his disposal. Still, I think he made the right choice. Aside from one or two poor clearances by the Argentinian, he was solid in the box and held onto every ball with confidence except for one which slipped out of his hands.

-Araujo was our best defender I feel. He fought hard on the pitch and never sat back. From the start of the match he was pushing himself, and he kept it up throughout. Our two center backs did the job, though Geraldo was a little shaky today. Karabelas had a decent game though we have seen better from him this season.

-Kafes had a good game. Nothing special, but did his job and pushed up at times. Makos had one if his best games of the season (yes, yes, that’s not saying much, I know). When the pressure was on, he began to look shaky again, but he didn’t waste every ball that was at his feet and even had a decent shot on net.

-Scocco was TERRIBLE! I was watching the players warm up today and the usual bunch were trying hard and running: Majstorovic, Blanco, Karabelas, Kafes. The rest of the players were putting a fair deal of effort into the warm up but you could tell they were only going about 50 percent. Then, there was Scocco. He walked around, waited for the ball to arrive to him, did a fancy pass, and then disappeared. I was worried when I saw this and my fears were confirmed during the match. He waited for the ball go straight to his feet, made a decent run which normally led to him being fouled, then did nothing the rest of the match. Even Djebbour came back towards the end to defend on corners, but never once did Scocco help out the rest of the team. He played for himself and whenever he did pass he made sure to avoid passing the ball to Djebbour at all costs. Shame really, since Djebbour can do some damage (he’s not called the terrorist for nothing) but there was definately no chemistry between the two players.

Anyways, four wins in a row. In the past 8 games of 2010 we have six wins and two draws. Not bad at all. Hopefully the team puts this performance behind them and we continue forward the way we were before!


May the best team (Canada) win tomorrow!


5 Responses to “AEK 1-0 Ergotelis”

  1. Let’s now get 5 in a row next week. Still need to resolve the finances hope something happens.

    P.S. Here in Chicago all will be watching Canada – USA for the gold. I am sure you know who we want to win. Just no injuries to any of our Blackhawk players. I think it will be a fast high scoring game lets see. Good Luck

  2. Next week Larissa away. Normally, I’d be worried here. But, Larissa aren’t the same team this year. They even lost 2-0 at home to Panthrakikos a few weeks ago. I think if we play a good game we will have no problem winning. By the way, Nemeth is expected (I know, I know…. sure) to play against Larissa!

    I hope it’s a great game tonight! Fortunately, its an early game which means I don’t have to stay up until four in the morning here in Greece to watch it. Good luck to both teams!

  3. Very good review of the match! Really liked the start with a lot of pressure on Ergotelis half. But after the goal our play went downhill. Very lucky in the extra time, where I think Ergotelis deserved a penalty.

  4. Canada wins but what a game USA ties with 24 seconds left then overtime. I hope you got to see it…. AWESOME.

    Now lets hope Dusco helps our boys get better every week and be ready for the playoffs. All the other teams will fear us since we have nothing to lose.

  5. What a game indeed! Couldn’t believe it! Great game by both sides, that’s what hockey should be all about. All the Greeks here on my facebook were talking about the sport! They loved it, never saw anything like it!

    Yeah, we really have nothing to loose, especially after clearing some distance between us and Aris. But we have to perform better than we did on Saturday. Instead of moving forward from previous performances we took two steps back.

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