Some updates.

Well, I never got around to a summary of the Aris match so I’ll post something brief now for those who missed it.

So, if I had to describe that game and how we got away without conceding, all I could say is luck and Saja. Aris’ offense is fantastic, and they started off extremely strong (they could have taken the lead in the first minute had their finishing been better). However, Saja made a few saves which kept us in the game while Aris managed to blow some great chances and over time we began to take control of the match.

Both team’s played some nice attacking football, but Aris’ defense, and ours of course, were terrible. Players were walking into the box as if defenders were stationary. The marking was also terrible, and there were too many gaps which left the Aris forwards with too much space.

Nonetheless, we got a fantastic three points and are now four points above Aris. That means we currently have 1 point in the playoffs which will certainly help.

The atmosphere at the match was fantastic, the best since we played Oly earlier in the year. The section with the Originals was almost packed. The attendance was 18,000 (not bad compared to what we saw a little earlier in the season) though I believe, and a TV commentator also said the same, that it must have been at least 20,000.

Kafes scores the winning goal for AEK


2 Responses to “Some updates.”

  1. They usually doesn’t include the season tickets holders in the attandance.. I’m guessing 25k.

  2. alexaek Says:

    Yeah, I would say the same.

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