The Future Looks Promising……………

So after another win,in Komotini(as described perfectly below by Alex),AEK remain unbeaten for 2010.The second half of the season has started similarly to the beginning of 2009 and the pattern seems to be that we have a much better second half of the season,than the 1st.Unfortunately,by the time the Bajevic influence takes affact on the team,the championshiop has just about been decided.I honestly think,that if we can strengthen just a few positions,we can be a force,once again.Obviously,we need another central defender,in the Kyraikos mould,feared by opposition strikers.At the moment Majstorovic,is not intimidating enough.He might look it,with his size and “bikie” looks,but he’s too “nice” in all manerisms and mistake prone.Alves on the other side,is really just a “Squad” player who does cover well(even though he lost his man for Panthrakikos goal).The fullback positions look ok.Central midfield definately needs strengthening.Not so much a ball player as once Geriero gets a full pre season under his belt,he will be great for us,but a defensive midfielder,as Kafes(getting old),Makos(ability?)and Jahic(a center back)are not consitent enough over a whole year.Our attacking options are great and out wide we are looking more of a threat,Hersi has had more good games than bad,even though he joined late,Lagos is almost fully fit again and i havn’t given up on Leonardo,don’t forget,he’s only 23 and Brazillian,which means he’s had the schooling,Bajevic can apply the finishing touches and we’ll be much better next year again.Our phenomenon Scocco,by far and away the best AEK player this year is going to be hard to keep.Big money will be knocking on AEK’s door as that 5 goals in the past 6 games,and the temptation to sell,given our well publicised debts might be to great.Here’s hoping he stays,as does Blanco who along with a rejuvinated Djebbour could be the best strikeforce in Greece next year.So,all in all,if we can keep Scocco,get a proper pre season under our belts with a full and ready to go squad that has included a couple of snew signings in the key positions i’ve indicated above,I’m sure we can challenge for our first “protathlima”since 94,and what a team that was!


9 Responses to “The Future Looks Promising……………”

  1. Moras just got man of the match over the weekend for Bolonga, it’s a shame we never brought him back in the summer when we were supposedly interested in him. We could use him right now, he’s still a good defender in my opinion and better than most other options for us. But the loss of Kyrgiakos, and so late in the season, killed us. It’s a shame we had to let him go. And I personally wouldn’t have minded had the other side of the bargain, Nemeth, was playing some football.

    As for the defensive midfield, I personally dont think we ever properly replaced Zikos. We had the best defense two seasons ago and one of the reasons for that was him, in my opinion.

    As for Scocco, I don’t know, its a tough one. The guy can make ALL the difference on the pitch, as you said. However, a decent some of money certainly would do some good. I personally can’t believe Olympiakos made an offer of 2 mil when they payed 7.5 for that useless Diogo. I say no less than six million euros for Scocco, if not more. And preferably a decent player along with that.

    If we can’t get anything but a great offer, then I say we hold on to him until next winter or when his contract expires.

    If we can hold on to Scocco, keep Blanco and Djebbour (which I think will happen), and can manage to somehow get Nemeth for another year (and he actually play’s), we’re set up front. No team in Greece will be able to hold us back.

    Hopefully, the players will be playing at the new training center by next season (some are saying as early as this May). This will certainly help prepare the players and will drastically reduce our injuries. Maybe it will give Nemeth a chance to properly heal.

  2. Well…maybe you remember I told you guys a while ago that a magazine for Greek and Greek-lovers in the Netherlands interviewed me. They wanted to know why a big blond Dutch guy with no Greek roots whatsoever is supporting AEK. Today I got a copy of the magazine. Too bad they don’t have an online edition, photographs are nice (mainly because of teh AEK shirt). If you’re really interested (and read Dutch) I could scan the article. But more (most) important, ofcourse I mentioned this website as a good source of information.

  3. By the way, our basketballteam won this afternoon.
    Kavala – AEK 86-88

  4. Hey KGB,man,that would be awesome if you can scan it on here.Since i and im sure alot of others don’t speak dutch,a translation would be great aswell!

  5. No problem. Should I mail it to one of you to post here?

  6. Email it to anyone of us (or all of us), that would be great. Great to see support like this from around the world, really shows what AEK means.

    Thank You (from all of us) very much for mentioning the site as well!!

    Yeah, the basketball team won! Another huge win for our boys! I honestly didn’t expect a win, and it was close. The end of the match was very close, we barely held on, but still a great win. Let’s continue strong like this and get a place in the playoffs!

    Unfortunately, home fans have been banned for our team for three games!! Terrible news.

  7. lol same,lots of people ask why i support aek although iam not greek. can u also send me a copy :D:D

  8. Okay, I’ll translate and mail. Don’t have your emailadresses, so if one of you would send me a mail I’ll reply with the article (which is by the way 16 MB, should I compress it?)
    But first ofcourse the match against Aris. If you want a live stream:

  9. Keep up the support guys! There’s something special about AEK, she calls to all, not just Greeks.

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