So, Let’s See How The Referee Once Again Helped Butcher AEK

All three videos take only a minute to watch. What is important to notice is how not one of the PAO players received a yellow card for those disgusting tackles, some of which should have earned second yellows for the players committing the tackle.

How can Scocco, one of our most important players in matches like this, be expected to perform when he is being hacked at like this?


2 Responses to “So, Let’s See How The Referee Once Again Helped Butcher AEK”

  1. I saw the game on quite a good live stream. I thought the ref was not that bad. He could have given one or two more yellow cards, but all in all he was doing alright. First tackle is not that bad, guy is just being a little late, but he hardly touches Scocco.
    But I missed a litte payback. If they hit on Scocco, he – but also his teammates – should hit back. Never let it go unpunished, that’s how you become a strong team. An eye for an eye, that kind of thing. Missed a little fighting spirit.

  2. Alright, the ref wasnt exactly horrendous but a few of those yellow cards could have turned into Red (Vyntra for example). This, however, was this particular ref’s first big derby so that could have had an effect, it’s gotta be a pretty tough experience officiating your first few derbies.

    That’s true actually, we had very little fighting spirit in general, especially after our goal. We haven’t seen fighting spirit in a while except perhaps from Kafes (how I miss seeing Kyrgiakos back there, he even lost a tooth over the weekend).

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